S.I.N. on steroids

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Published by: Herman Cain on Monday August 29th, 2016

Hillary's whole plan.

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has resorted to S.I.N. on steroids!

What’s that, you ask?

Shift the subject. Ignore the facts. Name call.

Hillary does not want to answer questions about the Clinton Foundation, the e-mail scandal, Benghazi, the economy or ObamaCare, so she keeps her press conferences to a minimum. Even members of her adoring news corps get candy treats instead of answers from Hillary.

They are not allowed to ask questions or they get kicked off the plane. Obama did the same thing when he was running for president.

So she shifts the subject to Trump's “hate speech” (not!), his “unworkable proposals” (wrong!), or his supposedly insulting immigration plan (nope!).

Hillary ignores the most recent economic news of a 1.1 percent GDP growth rate in the second quarter of 2016, unemployment claims of 260,000 a week, new private sector jobs of fewer than 200,000 a month and the implosion of ObamaCare. People are hurting and Hillary wants to "build" on that.

And of course, she and her allies are trying to label Donald Trump a racist. That's about as low as you can go calling someone a name that's family-friendly. They just K.S.I. What’s that? A favorite Clinton tactic: Keep saying it, keep saying it and keep saying it, and some gullible souls will believe it.

Allow me to save y'all some time. I'm a black man. I grew up in the racist South. The South is not racist anymore. I have lived in many other parts of our country. I’ve encountered many racists, and I can sense one a mile away. This nation is neither a racist nor divided nation. That's just what the liberal media want you to believe.

Racists instinctively look down on other people. Donald Trump does not look down on anybody. I know Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump is not a racist! 

Donald Trump represents economic prosperity, military strength, national security and energy independence. He also knows that the Constitution is not a suggestion.

Hillary Clinton represents economic stagnation, military weakness, national insecurity and energy dependence. And to her, the Constitution is a suggestion.

Hillary's only strategy is S.I.N.

Let's stay focused on the right solutions.

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