VIDEO: Man who escaped communist Cuba dominates gun control debate in Salem, Oregon

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday April 08th, 2013

By ROBERT LAURIE - 'You people don’t know what freedom is because you never lost it.' 

Last week, we brought you the video of a 15 Year Old Girl who brought the fight to a Maryland gun control hearing.  This week, we have another clip we think you'll like.

Meet Manuel Martinez, a man who - 40 years ago - escaped Communist Cuba and became an American citizen.  He appeared recently at a gun control hearing in Salem, Oregon, where he let politicians know what he thought of their desire to dismantle the 2nd Amendment.

The video is passionate, informed by the horrors of tyranny, and extremely powerful.  Mr. Martinez speaks from a personal experience that few Americans can comprehend.  

We’d like to dedicate it to anyone still bent on pretending the 2nd Amendment is about deer hunting.

Mr. Martinez has our respect and our gratitude. His English is a bit broken, and some words are tough to make out, so there is a transcript below. Share this one, folks.

Here's the transcript:

My name is Manuel Martinez, born in Cuba, American Citizen for more than 40 years.  I oppose any manipulation - any regulation or disruption of the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

In 1959 a Revolution … individuals … malicious individuals, masquerading as Democrats, revolutionaries, established a regime - a dictatorial regime - in my nation.  

Called Communism, Socialism, Stalinism, Marxism, and whatever other name -ism you want to put on it.  The reason why it was done was to take away the guns from the People. The right of the People to wear guns.  

That is a God given Right.  It’s not given by anybody. It’s not given by any group.  It’s the same thing as freedom, which is a God-given Right.  And no one - absolutely no one - have the authority to take it away.  To cease to defend the Second Amendment and my God-given Right of freedom, will cease only with my death. 

I’ve been through it.  I’ve been there.  You people don’t know what freedom is because you never lost it.  You haven’t been tortured.  You haven’t been at assassinations . You haven’t been mothers begging for the life of their son not to be killed because the only reason is they wanted to be free.  And they killed the mothers and they killed the son.

So, my way to protest, the way to oppose. Because if we keep tangling with the Second Amendment, we are open the same way that Cuba was open for Communism.  China, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Venezuela, and on and on.  A dictatorial regime that will destroy this country - in the same way that it destroyed those ones that I mention to you.

Gun Control do not protect anybody - don’t  protect the citizens, don’t protect the People.  The only reason for the gun control is the Government to be protected from them - citizens.  In that way the Government can manipulate the People. And subjugate them.  That’s what’s happened in Cuba for 52 years … 54.  

I came here for freedom.  At the time I came here it was different.  This country opened their arms for me. I  couldn’t get it in Cuba.  And they opened their arms for me.  I probably wouldn’t get it here today.  I hope that I get clear with you, and you understand my point of view.  I think that concludes my testimony.  

As the assembly moves on, Mr. Martinez gets up to leave.  You can hear him shouting "Freedom! Freedom!

This clip was originally posted by the Daylight Disinfectant blog, but came our way via WeaselZippers.

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