Rand Paul: McConnell doesn't have the votes to pass healthcare bill ...again.

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday July 17th, 2017

Playing for time.

As Dan pointed out earlier, there are a lots of conspiracy theories floating around about John McCain's surgery.  Personally, I have trouble believing John McCain somehow suddenly scheduled a procedure - where someone is drilling into his skull - just to play games with a healthcare vote. Even for an obstructionist, that seems ...extreme. 

However, I have no problem imagining Mitch McConnell taking advantage of McCain's medical issues and using them to buy a little time. If the surgery happens to fall on a date that gives McConnell an extra two weeks to save his failing healthcare bill, I'm 100% sure he's happy to exploit that. This is particularly true if he was certain he didn't have the votes needed to pass it this week.

According to Rand Paul the Senate Majority Leader still doesn't have his ducks in a row, so he's probably thrilled to get a 14-day reprieve.

"You know, I don't think right now he does.

The real problem we have is we won four elections on repealing Obamacare, but this bill keeps most of the Obamacare taxes, keeps most of the regulations, keeps most of the subsidies, and creates something that Republicans have never been for - that's a giant insurance bailout superfund. 

That's not a Republican idea, to give taxpayer money to a private industry that already make $15 Billion in profit."

Paul told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace that there's still hope, though. If Republicans hit an impasse and President Trump is willing to jump into the fray, he believes that a clean repeal can still happen.

"The one thing we should do is try to repeal as many of the taxes, as many of the regulations and as many of the mandates as we possibly can. I still think the entire 52 of us could get together on a more narrow, clean repeal, and I think it still can be done."

You can watch the exchange below, and afterward you can wonder why more than half the Republicans in the Senate seem so resistant to the idea of repealing a law they voted to repeal over 40 times during the Obama presidency.

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