Proof: Trump never mocked a disabled reporter

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday October 27th, 2016

What you heard was a total lie, and demonstrates it undeniably.

This is not new. In fact, it's almost two months old. I guess I never heard about it until now because it's not been widely distributed apart from the timeline featured on Catholics4Trump and the people who used that information to produce this video.

But even if it's a tiny bit dated, it deserves attention now for a lot of reasons.

You have probably heard the story that Donald Trump made fun of a New York Times reporter for his disability, mocking his physical movements during a stump speech. You probably saw a video clip that seemed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is what Trump was doing.

He denied it, of course, but because of the video clip that circulated widely across the Internet, Trump's denials were never taken seriously. Today, most people simply assume the story is true. Trump's supporters factor it in as one of the things they can't defend about him, while Trump's critics cite it as Exhibit A for his awfulness. I know one guy - a good man, a friend - who has a disabled son and because of this one thing, absolutely will not vote for Trump.

That's how widespread and universally accepted this story is.

And it's a total lie. It never happened. Donald Trump did not mock a Serge Kovaleski's disability. He did not.

Now, you might be saying, dude, we've seen the video! We know he did it!

No. You saw a video clip that made it appear he did it. You don't know everything there is to know.

Catholics4Trump put together this timeline of events, and the Liberty Alliance produced the video based on that information. It's important now, not only because it knocks down a total myth you probably thought was true, but also because it demonstrates just how dishonest the news media were in creating the myth in the first place.

It's well worth the 12 minutes you'll need to watch it:

The whole thing about the 9/11 celebrations is interesting enough in its own right. It shows beyond a shadow of a doubt how the media's so-called "fact check" function is a fraud, and that when they claim there is "no evidence" something happened, they sometimes overlook even their own stories in the course of making this claim.

But the only thing you really need to see to realize you've been had is the clip of Trump talking about Kovaleski, compared with the clip of him talking about Ted Cruz. First, the full clip of Trump talking about Kovaleski (as opposed to just the few seconds or the still shot you normally are shown) demonstrates that his body and hand motions are actually nothing like the way Kovaleski's body works as a result of his disability. The reason we used the two still shots next to each other in the photo above is to remind you that if you were only shown the still shot and not the whole video, you got a totally wrong impression of what was happening.

But the real kill shot is the video of Trump talking about Cruz. What we see there is that the mannerisms Trump used in the comments about Kovaleski are common ones he uses whenever he's referring to someone who seems to be flustered or on the defensive - because he uses the exact same mannerisms in reference to Cruz, who is obviously not disabled.

The whole video is well worth watching because it doesn't just prove the "mocking a disabled reporter" charge is patently false, it also explains how and why this fiction was created, and who had an interest in making sure it was widely believed.

Now look, clearly Trump has said and done some very objectionable things. For those who accuse Christian Trump supporters of making him out to be some sort of "messiah," you're looking in the wrong place here. I have no illusions about the man and his flaws, as I've already explained. But when one of the most damning charges against him is shown to be a total lie, people should know that.

And if you're not voting for Trump because you just generally think he's a rude, vulgar guy, maybe you should be questioning how much of the evidence for that belief is actually reliable. Because at least one awful thing you were sure Donald Trump did, you now know he did not not do.

What else have you just assumed was the truth . . . that may not have been?

Proof: Trump never mocked a disabled reporter

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