Political media on top of the news that matters: Did Trump take a kid's hat and throw it away?

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday April 17th, 2017

Making you dumber with every second you watch.

It starts with the Worst Web Site in the World, of course. You'd expect nothing less (or more) from the mental defectives at Politico. In attendance at the White House Easter Egg hunt, the WWSITW thinks it has scandalous, breaking video of President Trump. What has he done? Started a war? Kidnapped Nancy Pelosi?

Why no. He's taken the hat of a kid who wanted his autograph, signed the hat, and then tossed the hat into the crowd instead of handing it back to the kid.

Stop the presses! This is what passes for breaking news at Politico:

What would America do without a fearless media source like Politico to tell us when the president throws a hat in the wrong direction? How would we know that such earth-shakingly important things had happened?

Oh. One problem. It didn't happen. And of all people, it was NBC News that set the record straight:

So Politico's big video scoop was fake news all along. They shot the video from a bad angle, didn't see what they thought they saw, but went ahead and tweeted it anyway because in the world of Politico perceptions are reality anyway. And often Politico takes the liberty of creating the impression and then pushing it as reality.

I really don't care about this kid's hat or what Trump did with it. And that's the point. No one should. These people don't have the capacity to report on tax policy or health care policy or energy policy or spending or national defense or immigration or anything else. They don't understand the issues and they don't even think you care about them.

But let the president do something with a kid's hat, and it's up on Twitter before you can say Make America Great Again. Why? Because this is pretty much what the entire political media does now. They cover irrelevant, trivial crap like this. They're morons and they'll turn you into morons if you rely on them for your "news."

GDP growth for Obama's final year? A measly 1.6 percent

This is how far the Fourth Estate has fallen in this country, and it's got a lot to do with why so few people trust journalists anymore. It's not just the ideological bias, although that's clear enough. It's also that they don't know the difference between real news and irrelevant nonsense. Politico really thinks that if Trump tossed this kid's hat away, that would be a major story worth covering.

Why? Because they're idiots. And Politico is a daily must-read for the Beltway crowd.

Better drain that swamp but quick.

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