Piers Morgan Wants To Debate Me

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Published by: Herman Cain on Tuesday February 05th, 2013

By HERMAN CAIN -Piers wants a 'proper debate'? OK, let's have a proper debate! --Updated

In an earlier post, Rob pointed out how Piers Morgan was once again defeated in a debate on his show, which is suffering from very low ratings. I retweeted the link from @CainTV, which started a day long Twitter battle between myself and Piers Morgan. He wants to debate me on his TV show; my answer to him: I'll debate you, but only on my radio show! That way at least we will have an audience!

Things were quiet for a while, until I posted a link to my latest commentary calling out President Obama. Piers obviously didn't like that very much (you can see why if you look at his Twitter profile)...