Picking apart Cory Booker's latest health care nonsense, point by point

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Published by: Herman Cain on Monday March 20th, 2017

Keep digging.

As Republicans in Congress continue to craft a legislative solution to the disastrous Unaffordable Care Act, the Democrats continue to mislead its defenders with more and more dishonest and deceptive rhetoric. The latest installment comes from Senator Cory Booker (D-New Jersey), and is deserving of a complete deception diagnosis.

By the way, Booker is considered by Democrats to be a future Democrat presidential candidate, and he won the un-coveted "Liberal Lunacy of the Week" last week on the Herman Cain Radio Show with the following litany of false statements:

“The Republicans cannot just force this down our throats.  It’s going to knock a lot of folks off, hurt long-term care, hurt good working class folks.  I don’t understand this almost, I don’t understand their political strategy because this is bad politics.  Deeper than that it is bad policy and bad process."

Let’s break this down, shall we?

The Republicans cannot just force this down our throats.

Most of us will recall then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying that the Democrats had to pass the UCA and then tell us what was in it. They did just that in 2010 with no Republican votes in Congress, because it was that bad and they wanted no Republican input. They forced it down our throats.

In 2017, the Republicans' American Health Care Act (AHCA) is working its way through Congress and we know what's in it, and sensible people like most of it. Some of the favorite features are no mandates, no penalties, repeal of taxes hidden in the UCA, and allowing the states to manage Medicaid. These features are the exact opposite of what's in the UCA, which has failed miserably.

Also, the Democrats in Congress have repeatedly said they want nothing to do with the Republican plan. They want to keep the UCA. 

It’s going to knock a lot of folks off, hurt long-term care, hurt good working class folks.

Nearly all of the listeners who have been calling my radio show for the last four years plus are good working class folks. They have said their deductibles are too high, and their premiums are so high that they effectively do not have health insurance. Many listeners who worked for companies with fewer than 50 employees lost their insurance altogether. Companies who did manage to keep providing health insurance for their employees passed along a portion of the increased costs imposed by the UCA.

Maybe the aforementioned reasons are why the CBO projections for people getting health insurance coverage were overstated by more than 50 percent for both 2015 and 2016. Or maybe the CBO is just not good at projections. I think both.

As far as hurting long term care, there is nothing sadder than hearing a senior citizen pass on filling a prescription because the costs had been increased by more than they could afford. Another unknown ripple effect of the UCA we didn't know about until after it was passed.

I don’t understand this almost, I don’t understand their political strategy because this is bad politics.

Maybe the reason Senator Booker and other Democrats don't understand the Republicans' strategy is that Democrats reject the notion that people, patients and doctors can make better decisions about their health care and health insurance than an inefficient federal bureaucracy. 

The Democrats also do not understand that bad politics is not listening to the people. The days of being able to fool enough of the people enough of the time are over. Smarter people are discovering alternate means of getting the truth, and rejecting the Democrats' deceptive and false rhetoric.

I don't expect the Democrats to stop their inaccurate attacks on anything Republican or anything Trump. They're in a hole and they can't stop digging.

Diagnosis! Democrats are digging their political grave! 

Now that's good politics!

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