Pelosi doesn't know if she believes the accusers, because John Conyers is an 'icon in our country'

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday November 27th, 2017

Pelosi doubts the accusers.                                                                                                                                 

Chuck Todd's show is normally a 'safe space' for Democrats. They go on, he lobs a few softballs, and whatever they say is presented as the gospel truth. His reputation as a milquetoast interviewer is well earned, and the left can usually count on his weak-kneed compliance. 

So, when someone like Nancy Pelosi goes on his show and is nailed by a very simple line of questioning, it speaks volumes about how shaky her position really is.  If she can't wriggle her way through a basic question about John Conyers - if she can't handle Chuck Todd's infamously weak-sauce interrogation - she can't possibly have even the flimsiest of legs to stand on.

Watch as Hell freezes over, and Chuck Todd obliterates Nancy Pelosi.

To address the pseudo-point that Nancy Pelosi is making: Yes, we believe in due process. Unsubstantiated accusations should be investigated so the truth can be determined. However, in the case of John Conyers, the BuzzFeed documents show that already happened. There are multiple signed affidavits, their validity has been confirmed, and hush money was paid.

The fact is, Pelosi thinks you should "always believe the accusers" - if the accused has an "(R)" after their name.  If the accused has the good fortune of being a Democrat, she will make every effort to deflect, change the subject, or equivocate.  This is a phenomenon we've discussed before - where the worst people on Earth are given a free pass if they support whatever the progressive left's cause du jour happens to be. 

Vote along Pelosi lines and she'll turn a blind eye to harassment, ignore your sins, and even help you cast doubt on the accusers.

Final thought: How addled does Pelosi have to be to go into any interview - even one with Chuck Todd - and not have an answer to this question prepared?  She had to know it was coming, right?

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