'Peaceful protesters' in Charlotte attempt to burn unconcious photographer alive

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday September 22nd, 2016

All just part of a "protest" right, media?

We've already presented two examples which prove the so-called "peaceful protests" in Charlotte, N.C. are anything but. We saw a CNN reporter get attacked on the street, and we saw an innocent man get dragged into a parking structure - where he was beaten while begging for mercy.

Stories like those are all over the internet, and they're terrible, but I suppose they're not quite as awful as having someone try to set you on fire while you're unconscious. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to a photographer who was tasked with covering the "plea of the social justice warrior."

This comes to us via WCCB's Twitter feed:

There's no video of the attempted burning, but there is a clip floating around which shows good Samaritans trying to rescue the barely conscious photog.

This, perhaps more than our earlier examples, seems to have people a bit riled up. Perhaps that's because we all know just how excruciatingly painful a severe burn can be, and we're all aware that you'd have to be some kind of sub-human to willfully inflict that pain on another. 

However, in the mainstream media's worldview, you get a pass if you're an indignant "protester" - someone who is justified in their anger and demands "equality."  Not even an attempted burning can get them to use the "R word," so go ahead.  Loot, pillage, rob, and destroy.  You won't be condemned by our cowardly press.

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