'Peaceful protesters' in Charlotte attack CNN reporter live on air

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday September 22nd, 2016

'Riots' not 'protests'

If you've been watching the riots unfold in Charlotte N.C., you're likely amazed that they're still sticking with the Potemkin phrase "protests."  These aren't protests, they're not "protesters," and looting Wal Marts, burning cars, and trashing storefronts isn't "protesting."  

These are violent race riots, plain and simple.  Anyone still calling them "protests" is either selling an agenda or blinded by one. ...Unless, of course, the mainstream media thinks watching one of their own reporters get flattened live, on air, constitutes "peaceful dissent."

Watch as CNN's Ed Lavandera gets jacked by a "conscientious pursuer of social justice":

Now, I get that there's a certain amount of Schadenfreude at work here.  CNN basically exists to whip-up left wing rage and exploit it for rapidly diminishing ratings. If there's one "news" network that embodies the fecklessness, lying, and simpering of the SJWs, it's got to be CNN.

There's no doubt they've had a hand in creating this particular Frankenstein's monster.

Still, you have to keep sight of right and wrong. Lavandera should be able to do his report without getting attacked, and the schlockmesiters at CNN have a 1st Amendment right to the opinions they hold. The fact that they're complicit in this frenzy doesn't excuse the actions of rage-a-holic thugs.

So, "you be you," CNN. You're free to keep calling these goons "protesters." Maybe if you pretend hard enough, they'll stop attacking your employees.

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