Our dear Iranian nuke deal partners release video, threaten to break your legs and destroy the U.S. Navy

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday September 01st, 2016

Weird, creepy, and telling.

As Dan reported earlier, the more we learn about the shady, secretive, and not-at-all transparent Iran nuclear deal, the worse it gets.  The more particulars we unearth, the more we find that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry gave away the proverbial cow in exchange for some magic, radioactive, beans.

Since he covered the most recent specifics, I'll just offer the following video.  In it, our new pals threaten to break your legs into pieces and destroy the U.S. Navy with their secret weapon: a highly trained force composed of middle-aged beach hacky-sack enthusiasts. 

Uh-oh. It looks like someone's been watching too many Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay movies which, we have no doubt, are banned in Iran. Tsk tsk, Mullahs.

Obviously, I joke because - let's face it - if the gloves ever came off we could decimate Iran in a few hours. However, this clip offers a glimpse into the minds of the people with whom Obama has chosen to "deal."  According to MEMRI, the spot is titled "Steadfastness 2," and was "produced by the Organization of Islamic Information, an office under the supervision of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei."

It's utterly baffling to think that anyone administration could watch this and think the people who made intends, in any way, to uphold their end of our "bargain." 

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Here's a better video about Iran: