Oops: Threat-maker's ex-employer on Tuesday ripped Trump for suggesting anti-Semitic threats might be by liberal plants

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday March 03rd, 2017

Only to go back and change their headline in a fruitless attempt to make them appear slightly less idiotic.

You have to hand it to The Intercept, which neither you nor I had ever heard of until today. As recently as Tuesday they went all in with the argument that President Trump was delusional and pathetic for suggesting high-profile, anti-Semitic threats might have been perpetrated by liberal plants in an attempt to make it appear Trump supporters were responsible. It would certainly not have been the first time a "hate crime" turned out to be a hoax, but the Intercept really went to town ripping Trump for positing this theory.

So when it turned out as Rob told you earlier that the bomb-threatener was not only a liberal plant - just as Trump had suggested - but was one of the Intercept's own former writers, well . . . someone had some 'splainin' to do! First, the Intercept quickly changed the headline on the piece. Here they both are, the original on top followed by the revised one below it.


Oops: Threat-maker's ex-employer last week ripped Trump for suggesting anti-Semitic threats might be by liberal plants


Oops: Threat-maker's ex-employer last week ripped Trump for suggesting anti-Semitic threats might be by liberal plants

So the original headline rips Trump because he "can't accept" that his supporters are the ones targeting Jews, and blames his opponents. But then . . . oops! It turns out it really is a Trump opponent who did it, and not only that, but a former Intercept writer! Well. That's embarrassing. So the Intercept changes the headline to describe a little more factually what Trump's theory was, while failing to mention that thanks to their own former writer, Trump's theory is 100 percent correct.

And get a load of this excerpt from Mackey's original piece on Tuesday:

Trump’s apparent embrace of a conspiracy theory popular on white supremacist websites — that the president’s political opponents might have staged the incidents to frame him or his supporters — came during a White House meeting with state attorneys general. At the meeting, Shapiro asked Trump about the spike in anti-Semitic acts during his presidency, including the vandalism of more than 100 tombstones at the Mount Carmel Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia on Saturday night. Shaprio found Trump’s response “a bit curious.”

Shapiro told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Trump said anti-Semitic attacks are “reprehensible” but sometimes “the reverse can be true.” According to Shapiro, Trump added, “Someone’s doing it to make others look bad.”

Shapiro, a Democrat, said that he and other officials from both parties “were a little bit surprised” to hear Trump suggest the incidents might be hoaxes.

As Michael Wilner, The Jerusalem Post’s Washington bureau chief, reports, the Anti-Defamation League has attributed the uptick in threats and attacks to white supremacists encouraged by Trump’s nativist political movement. Wilner also suggested that Trump’s attempt to posit an alternative explanation for the incidents looked like an effort to deflect blame away from from himself or his supporters.

While it is unclear where Trump got the idea that the threats against Jews might be staged, the false-flag theory has been proposed by white supremacists, including David Duke, the former Klan leader whose support Trump was slow to disavow during his campaign.

So believing that the threats might have been staged hoaxes by Trump opponents puts you in league with David Duke and white supremacist web sites, which is all very interesting but far less important than this one small fact: 

It's true.

Just as so much "racist graffiti" and so many "acts of violence against Muslims" have turned out to be fake - staged by liberals to advance the narrative of violent, racist right-wingers - this one too was committed by a Bernie Bro for that very same purpose.

I suppose the left thinks it has little choice but to do stuff like this. They've bet an awful lot of their credibility on the idea that America is seeing an epidemic of anti-black, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim violence, and that it's all because of Trump. When said violence doesn't actually occur, you have to make it occur, or eventually no one will believe your narrative.

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It's just a little inconvenient when the president figures out what a scam the whole thing is, and says so publicly, and it then it turns out the very same people mocking the president for doing so are the ones faking the violence.

If the Intercept had any intergity at all, it would have changed the entire piece to admit Trump was right and they made asses out of themselves for criticizing what he said. But they don't, so they didn't.

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