Obama's ridiculous fiscal cliff 'offer' is an epic non-starter

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday November 30th, 2012

By ROBERT LAURIE - President's "plan" is just as asinine as expected

Barack Obama desperately wants to take the country over the fiscal cliff.  That's the only conclusion one could possibly draw from the absolute dementia masquerading as his administration's opening offer.  Here's the basic rundown of what the president would like to see happen.

  • $1.6 trillion in tax increases - not just on the wealthy, but on businesses the administration views unfavorably, such as oil.
  • $50 Billion in new stimulus spending
  • A deferment - of a single year - on the military sequester
  • An extension of unemployment benefits for those out of work
  • Federal money to shore up underwater mortgages

To top off the lunacy, President Obama would like nearly unlimited power to raise the debt ceiling whenever he likes, as high as he likes. This is something Timothy Geithner hinted at a few weeks ago.  If Obama has his way, the only constraint on this power would come when a difficult-to- achieve Congressional supermajority chooses to override his decision.

In exchange, Republicans are being promised that, somewhere down the road; the President will discuss the possibility of cutting $400 billion from various entitlement programs.  This, of course, would never actually happen. Since the laundry list above contains just about everything they could ever hope to gain from Republicans, including limitless debt, why would they bother to cut anything? Plus, if they do come up with a new batch of demands, they'll be able to levy them against the military sequester the next time it rears its head.

Obama has announced that he'll be spending today on the campaign trail, at a rally in Pennsylvania.  There, he'll begin the process of trying to sell this train wreck to the American people.  Spoiler alert: it won't work.

There's no way the President can seriously believe that this offer is anything but a non-starter.  Clearly, his plan is to take the country over the cliff and - with the aid of the mainstream press - pin the blame on the "stubborn GOP who refused to cooperate with his genius."  He'll be enjoying the beaches in Hawaii when it happens, and he'll probably hold some kind of presser lamenting the obstructionist Congress who placed "politics above America's future."  His cronies in the media will dutifully report the lie.

On the other hand, if he honestly believes he has a chance at getting even half of what he's requested?  His megalomania, inflated self-worth, and egomaniacal behavior have ballooned to the point where it's time to start wondering about his sanity.