Obama: We just need to upgrade ObamaCare, y'know, like an exploding cell phone

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday October 21st, 2016

Yes, he's really making that analogy

ObamaCare is, inarguably, a complete dumpster fire. You couldn't keep your plan, you couldn't keep your doctor, and your rates are skyrocketing.  The system that was supposed to "save the average family" thousands is now crushing the average family under a mountain of new regulations and financial obligations. Virtually everyone admits it's a mess, and that includes more and more Democrats who are using the ACA's abject failure to push something even worse.  Just look at this years rate increase map, as provided by USA Today:

Obama: We just need to upgrade ObamaCare, y'know, like an exploding cell phone

Gosh.  If only someone had warned that this would be the precise outcome of Obama's boondoggle.  Oh, wait.  That's right.  Every conservative on Earth warned of this exact scenario.

Not to fear, though, because our fearless leader says we can just "fix" everything.  ObamaCare, he says is like a cell phone. It just needs an upgrade. ObamaCare has its issues, but they're not the government's fault.  They're not even the system's fault.  

The problems are your fault, because not enough of you have been forced into subservience.

As Obama puts it:

The point is, now is not the time to move backwards on health care reform.  Now is the time to move forward.  The problems that may have arisen from the Affordable Care Act is not because government is too involved in the process.  The problem is, is that we have not reached everybody and pulled them in.  And think about it.  When one of these companies comes out with a new smartphone and it had a few bugs, what do they do?  They fix it.  They upgrade — unless it catches fire, and they just — (laughter) — then they pull it off the market.  But you don’t go back to using a rotary phone.  (Laughter.)  You don’t say, well, we’re repealing smartphones — we’re just going to do the dial-up thing.  (Laughter.)  That’s not what you do.


Obviously, the problem here is that the government isn't forcing you to purchase an exploding cell phone.  There's no cell phone mandate that penalizes you if you refuse to carry one around with you. More importantly, there are many, many, different kinds of cell phones out there, boasting a wide range of different prices and features. If one starts detonating and needs to be yanked out of stores, there's a whole host of other options available to you.  

It's called the free market.  ...And the exploding cell phone known as ObamaCare isn't part of it.  ObamaCare mandates that all phones are built using pretty much the same exploding tech, so there's nowhere to turn. 

Unfortunately, the recent pivots we've seen among Democrats are all designed to set the stage for "the fix."  If Hillary is elected, that means single-payer. The feds will have complete control of ALL of us, and supposedly everything will be hunky dory. That sounds super, and uneducated voters will probably lap it up, but anyone with a lick of sense knows that it will only continue to get more expensive, less efficient, and provide ever-diminishing levels of care.  ...Because that's how government functions.

So, enjoy your exploding cell phone everyone.  The repair man is on the way.  You're going to "love" what he replaces it with.

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