Obama launches a three week effort to tell you how awesome ObamaCare is ...again

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday December 03rd, 2013

You've seen this song and dance before.  ...And you're about to see it again.

The increasingly poorly named "Affordable Care Act" has been law since 2010. You're supposed to love it. If you were doing your part, you'd shut your mouth and stop complaining about how it's driving up prices, cancelling millions of policies, and separating you from your doctor. Unfortunately, you just refuse to play ball. You don' like the law, President Obama's approval ratings are in freefall, and the Dems are terrified as they head into the 2014 elections. So, in order to save the day, Obama is going to spend the next three weeks doing what he does best. 

He's going to go on tour, get in front of the cameras, and tell you what you think.

It seems that the website rollout was so bad that it's made you forget how much you genuinely love and appreciate ObamaCare. That just won't do. In order to refresh your memory, you're about to be bombarded with almost a month of Presidential reminders.

From CNN:

Battered by two months of bad publicity over the ObamaCare website, the White House is going on the offensive to tout what it sees as the good news about the President's signature health care reforms.

President Barack Obama will launch a three-week campaign intended to highlight the benefits of the 2010 Affordable Care Act with a White House event at 2:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, a White House official told CNN.

The event comes a day after the problem-plagued ObamaCare website handled more than 1 million visitors with no major problems, according to administration officials, who provided no other details such as how many of the users were able to fully enroll.

See?  You guys have been so obsessed with the "glitchy website" that you've allowed it to erase the joy you felt back when the law was first passed. The President has given a few speeches designed to inform you of your true feelings, but they apparently didn't take. So, now he's going tell you again. ...and again.  ...and again.

CNN managed to drag a quote out of one administration official who would speak only under condition of anonymity. According to the source, the White House feels that "While work continues on the website, we think it is important that proponents of health reform undertake a renewed effort to refocus the public on the benefits of the law that have already been implemented."  That strategy began this afternoon with a rehash of the October Rose Garden speech.  It was designed "to discuss the health care law's benefits already in place for millions of Americans and make the case for why we need to move forward to make sure the law is a success."

In reality, it was merely an effort to shift blame, and promise that there would be no appeal.  That he had to do this at all is illustrative of the immense unpopularity of the law.

By the way, when White House officials are only willing to talk "on condition of anonymity" you can be sure that their confidence is boundless.

Barring further delays, December 23rd is the enrollment deadline. Until then, the President's plan is to hold daily events spotlighting a different (probably nonexistent) benefit of ObamaCare.  Whatever the adminsitration says will immediately be regurgitated by a host of left-wing lawmakers, pundits, and political action committees. That means that you have to endure 19 more days of the Dems pro-ACA surge. We're not sure what they can possibly say in three weeks of damage control speeches that they couldn't say in the last three years, but it looks like they're hoping repetition will succeed where persuasion and actual user experience have failed.

If "say it over and over" is the last remaining administration battle plan, they're in trouble indeed.

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