Obama goes back on vacation without signing cliff bill

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday January 02nd, 2013

By ROBERT LAURIE - How dare you demand he hang around and sign the deal? 

After spending months telling Americans that the fiscal cliff deal was the most important thing facing their nation, Barack Obama has gone back to his vacation. Within a few hours of the bill's passage last night, he was enjoying the comforts of Air Force One, en route to Hawaii.  Heaven forbid he’s forced to sacrifice any more of his multi-million dollar getaway.

The weird thing is; he left town without signing the deal and the White House is refusing to say when he'll do so.  Likely, this is because he wants to make a big show of it when the world has returned from its collective Christmas/New Year’s break.  Then, he can get out in front of the cameras, Joe Biden at his side, and use the opportunity to take another petty swipe at the evil Republicans who made this all so difficult.

Obama's return to Hawaii will tack over $3 Million on to the cost of his tropical retreat, placing the total vacation price tag at over $7 Million.

Most of the additional cost will be eaten up by the expenses associated with flying Air Force One, which runs at about $180,000 per hour. It's roughly an 18 hour round trip flight from D.C. to the Hawaiian islands. 

Who says we have a spending problem?  You're just not paying your fair share.