NYT fact checks Christie's red meat, anti-Hillary, speech. Realizes it's all true

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday July 20th, 2016

But ...so what?

Last night, Chris Christie delivered a speech that was basically a piece red meat so huge it could probably tip over Fred Flintstone's car.  I get that there's a certain amount of preaching to the choir at conventions but, in this case, I think the time would have been better spent on something else. I'll be honest and admit that I don't really see the point of it. 

If you're stupid enough to believe that Hillary is some kind of "honorable victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy," this didn't do anything to change your mind. On the other hand; if you think she should be in jail, this offered nothing you haven't heard before. Considering the laundry list of troubles facing the GOP, they probably would have been better off presenting more of the positivity offered by Trump's family than going on a tirade.

If you missed it, here's Chris Christie:

For what it's worth, the New York Times has "Fact Checked" Christie's speech.  They confirmed pretty much everything in it and issued a mealy-mouthed declaration that it was "not necessarily false."  That's about as strong a statement of support a Republican attacking a Clinton will ever receive from the Times. So you can rest assured that, yeah, it's basically all true.

Again, though, "so what?"  

We know all of this. Democrats know it too. They've made it clear that they're willing to ignore these issues because Hillary has a 'D" after her name and she's above the law.

This may please a certain segment of the GOP faithful, but it won't move the needle.

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