Now that they're harmless, it's suddenly amusing how ridiculous the Clintons are

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday November 28th, 2016

How does anyone become this absurd?

Not that you never make fun of the Clntons. Of course you do. How can you not make fun of people who are so phony, and ham-handedly so?

But for me at least, there was never really much joy in lampooning these people while there was still the possibility that they would return to the White House, with Hillary having somehow managed to grab the power of the presidency to use for the many nefarious purposes one would expect of such a malevolent human being. Sure, she was a shieking joke. But we were staring ominously at the possiblity of her becoming an awfully damn powerful joke too. I was more driven by the imperative of preventing that horror than I was to enjoy what screwballs these people are.

It probably took me at least two weeks after the election to really have it sink in: This horrible woman is never going to be president. The threat is over. The bullet is dodged.

And with the dread suddenly seeping out of my consciousness, I experienced something new. Sit back, relax and observe Bill and Hillary Clinton. Listen to the words they say. Watch their mannerisms. Observe their facial expressions.

These people are completely ridiculous.

Not only are they dishonest and insincere in the extreme, but they're so obvious about it you just sit there and wonder: How do people get like this?

I realize that all politicians are grandstanders to some degree, engaging in performance art as much as in serious policymaking or governance. But when have you seen any as shameless as these two - their willingness to say anything, to glandhand insincerely, to pretend to relate the people when they obviously don't?

We all know that Bill is a more natural phony than Hillary is. She's such an obvious fake it's astonishing to think that anyone doesn't see it. He's a lot more smooth, but the discerning eye can see that he's just as big a con artist as she is.

Their act is highly insulting to the people they claim to want to lead, of course. It presumes that you'll react to a fake smile or a clearly affected look of surprise without regard to how corrupt and malevolent these people really are. It worked in the '90s, but it didn't work in 2008 against a much more talented politician in Barack Obama. And it really didn't work in 2016 against a guy who was supposed to be - or so we were told - the most unappealing presidential candidate ever.

Of course, so much of the problem in 2008 and 2016 was that Hillary is a far less talented politician than Bill is. But maybe the bigger problem is that the nation has seen the Clintons' act for 25 years now, and it's just enough already.

Whatever the reason, thank God. And now that the threat of a Hillary presidency has been lifted from our lives, I honestly can't stop laughing at how absurd these two really are. Are there actually people out there who can't see it? Who don't recognize it? Honestly?

I guess there must be, because she damn near won. Either that or a lot of people only care about their side having power and not about the character of the person you're actually handing that power to.

Oh well. I've never truly enjoyed laughing at the Cliintons before. There was always too ominous a threat right along side the stupidity. Suddenly I'm having more fun than ever observing these ludicrous people as they fade into irrelevance. And not a moment too soon.

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