Noted great orator seeks to insult Donald Trump and ends up saying . . . er, this

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday June 02nd, 2016

Ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih . . . okie doke . . . the tweets are . . . ih ih ih ih . . .

I'm going to view this as a microcosm of the political class's complete lack of any idea for what to say about Donald Trump. There's nothing in the Beltway language that even offers suitable words. So if you want to lash out at Trump in a classically Washingtonian way, your only hope is to call upon the man universally regarded as that greatest of political orators. Surely, Barack Obama will get the message across in a clear and compelling way.

Then again, this might happen:

Is it possible for a substantive takeaway from that? I think there are two:

1. You knew this guy had no experience and had never demonstrated any governing skill, but you elected him because you found his speaking ability impressive. Oops.

2. The truth is the political class isn't even really sure what its problem with Trump is. They know he threatens their way of life, so the self-interested angle on it is clear enough. But how do you put that into words that any sort of public audience accept? It doesn't appear Obama quite knows. He's quite happy to riff on media narratives about "turning on each other" and "division based on religion," neither of which in any way represents a real Trump policy proposal or attitude. But actually turn it into a compelling argument against Trump?

Not if this is any indication.

One of my concerns all along about nominating Trump was that the Beltway media and their allies could effectively turn him into a wild-eyed, green-toothed monster and make Hillary seem acceptable by comparison. I still have that concern to some extent, although I must say if this is how they sound when they try to do it, maybe I needn't have been concerned. Or maybe the world's greatest orator never really was that, and all we're left with now is eight years of sluggish economic performance, men using the ladies' room, Iran getting the bomb . . . and not even any great speeches to look back on.

What a waste. And this guy thinks he is in a position to insult Trump?

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