North Korean propaganda director threatens South Korea - Reuters & Time present it as 'cute girl heads home from Olympics'

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday February 12th, 2018


I already discussed the way the media spent its weekend fawning over Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo Jong.  She's the propaganda chief for North Korea and an integral part of one of the planet's most horrifically brutal regimes, but they don't care.  According to the press, she's "totes adorbs" and had a few swell days pushing her "charm offensive" at the Olympics.

Now, she's back in the inky-black darkness of North Korea's electricity-free nights.  But, before she left, she made a comment that should send chills down the spine of every single soul in South Korea.

As Reuters reports, she said:

“I never thought I would visit (the South) so suddenly and believed much would be strange and different but I saw many things that were similar or the same. I hope the day we become one comes soon and hope to see all your friendly faces in Pyongyang.”

And Time has this to add:

Invited by Moon for lunch at Seoul’s presidential palace, Kim Yo Jong verbally delivered her brother’s hope for a summit with Moon in Pyongyang, a meeting that she said would help significantly improve ties after an extended period of animosity.

“We hope that President (Moon) could leave a legacy that would last over generations by leading the way in opening a new era of unification,” she said, according to Moon’s office.

OK, fine, that all sounds very nice.  If it came from anyone who represented even an approximation of a sane world leader, it could be construed as a basic sort of peace overture.  However, you must consider the source.  Kim Jong Un's regime is violent, oppressive, and megalomaniacal on a Bond-villain level.

The above comments are not an overture.  They're a threat, pure and simple.

For the North, "reunification" means nothing less than the obliteration and absorption of the South. As long as Kim Jong Un and his cabal are in charge, there’s no scenario where the North and South rejoin in an effort to build a free, modern, society. It's simply not a future they're interested in. For them, "Reunification" means the subjugation of the South, not an adoption of its values.

If those "friendly faces" are ever seen in PyongYang, they'll likely be atop a pike.

However, take a look at the headlines her threat is generating:

Keep in mind, this isn't Sasha or Malia Obama saying “wouldn’t it be nice if.”  It's not even (despite what The WaPo may say) Ivanka Trump.  This is a woman whose job it is to sell the murderous agenda of her madman brother.  She's the bright, shiny, public face of a man who's made the enslavement and extermination of Christians one of his nation's top priorities.

But golly, she just looks so "good by comparison," doesn't she?  ...She does IF you're Jeet Heer, the senior editor of The New Republic:

North Korean propaganda director threatens South Korea - Reuters & Time present it as 'cute girl heads home from Olympics'

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