No, holding foreign terrorists indefinitely at Gitmo with no charges is not an 'affront to our values'

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday August 16th, 2016

It's a wonder America still exists when we entertain such ignorant notions.

As a pro-terrorist president releases more Islamic terrorists from Gitmo, we're once again having one of the stupidest debates in the history of this nation. This is the one where many clueless Americans - even some who generally would rate as conservative - decry that we have "held them without charges" and that we should either "present the evidence against them" or release them.

The more I hear this nonsense, the more I believe it's a wonder this country wasn't long ago overrun and conquered by some serious enemy that understands what it means to fight and win. No wonder Putin wants to reconstitute the Soviet empire. He must look at what America has turned into and lament that the USSR didn't hang on long enough to conquer this sad bunch of sorry-asses.

Let's just knock some of this nonsense into the next galaxy right now:

  • We are not going against "our values" by fighting to win against murderous terrorists who play by no rules and give no quarter.
  • Foreign terrorists have no rights under the U.S. Constitution. We do not need to charge them or release them within 48 hours. We can hold them forever, or until such time as Al Qaeda and ISIS formally surrender and stop attacking people. Or we could just kill them right on the battlefield. We could also give no quarter.
  • The enemy has no rights under the Geneva Convention because Al Qaeda and ISIS are not signatories to it, nor do they treat their own prisoners/hostages in accordance with it. We can do whatever we want to them, and we should do only what's in the best interests of our pursuit of victory.
  • The dumbest statement ever made is that doing these things in pursuit of victory "is not who we are." The hell it's not. Winning is who we are. We don't look for a fight, but if you pick one with us, you will be very very sorry you did. You will have no rights. You will receive no mercy. Especially if you kill innocents. This is who we are. Don't like it? Too bad. I realize none of this is true as long as Obama is president, but that is a variance from the real America.
  • We did not "squander the goodwill of the world" with things like waterboarding. The goodwill of the world is worthless anyway. The world acts strictly out of recognition of its own best interests. Allies will be with us because they don't want the terrorists going after them, which has happened a lot since the rise of ISIS and Obama's weak reactions to them. Their post-9/11 sympathy was nice, but strategically worthless. The only thing that matters is if they understand the stakes and they understand how to achieve the victory.
  • We did not provide a recruiting tool for terrorists with our actions. We did not "inflame them," either with our actions or with our rhetoric. They do the things they do because they adhere to a murderous ideology, not because an American politician said the wrong words and upset their oh-so-tender sensibilities. Our strategic imperative was not to keep from "upsetting the Arab street," lest they do something horrible. It was our job to kill those on the Arab street who would join our enemies.

Here is the basic problem as I see it: There is only one way to win a war against completely evil people who respect no rules and no moral boundaries of any kind. That is to take the fight to them without any restraint, and to give no quarter yourself. You do only what is in your best interests per the pursuit of victory. If that means holding prisoners of war for 20 years, then you do. If it means slaughtering them on the battlefield, then you do. If it means going after a foreign government that helps the enemy, then you do. Mercilessly. And without apology. If it means torturing them to get information you need, then you do.

Enough with the garbage that this is "not who we are." You don't survive in a world governed by force unless you're willing to do what it takes to survive. The problem with America is that I don't think many Americans really have the stomach for a fight like this. They're only committed to victory if nothing about the process makes them uncomfortable. I think that's pretty much the state of our national soul at the moment, and that's every bit as lethal as terminal cancer. Except that unlike terminal cancer, we gave ourselves this deadly disease willingly. No terrorists can defeat a nation that's willing to fight. America used to be that kind of nation. Before we got soft, and started preferring soft leaders.

The dogs of doom are howling more.

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