Newt: So far Mueller has hired no one but 'bad people' who are out to get Trump

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday June 13th, 2017


Keep in mind, this is the same guy who tweeted mere week ago that Robert Mueller is a consummate professional, and that the media ought to just calm down now and let him do his work. What happened?

Apparently what happened is that Mueller has started building his team of investigators, and Newt has noticed that they're not only all Democrats but they all have a history of giving money to Democrat candidates. One worked for the Clinton Foundation. Newt's conclusion: They're "bad people" (!) who will be out to get Trump.

George Stephonoupolous takes exactly the stance you'd expect, but Newt doesn't back down:

I guess a Mueller team full of Democrats could work one of two ways for Trump: If there's really no evidence of any wrongdoing, and even a bunch of partisan Democrats can't make the case that there is, this whole thing simply evaporates and Trump is about as off the hook as a guy can be. Not only that, but the next time Democrats and the media try to hang something around his neck, you can refer back to the idiotic Russia thing and say, "See? They're doing it again." And America is probably rolling its collective eyes along with the president.

But I think there is some legitimacy to the real fear Newt expresses: As we saw with Patrick Fitzgerald, independent counsels feel they have to get someone to justify their commission. Fitzgerald got Scotter Libby on a petty process crime. Mueller's team will feel the same pressure to claim a scalp. And once an independent counsel is turned loose, he and his team are really not limited in terms of what they can look into. It's mission creep on steroids, and there's nothing to stop them from looking around and around and around until the find something, however piddly, rather than closing up shop at some point with nothing to show for it.

GDP growth for Obama's final year? A measly 1.6 percent

That's always the danger when you appoint an independent counsel. Whether it's Lawrence Walsh or Ken Starr or Fitzgerald, they go where they go, and for as long as they're around you'll get leak after leak after leak - the accuracy of which will be impossible to determine - suggesting every imaginable twist and turn in the case.

This morning the media are going bananas because Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy claims Trump is considering firing Mueller. I have no idea if Ruddy has any actual information, but regardless, this is the danger of having appointed one in the first place.

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