Newt for vice president

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Published by: Herman Cain on Thursday July 07th, 2016

A listener and a leader.

There is no doubt Donald Trump will decide on his running mate without trying to appease a particular political faction. There is also no doubt that he is considering several great alternatives as speculation continues to grow, and that he is listening to some of his most trusted advisors and others.

Well, I'm a proud other and will offer my opinion, but I will support whomever Trump selects. Because! The main objectives in this 2016 presidential election are new, bold and creative leadership in the White House, and to defeat Hillary (untrustworthy) Clinton.

That said, I believe Newt Gingrich should be Donald Trump's running mate.

Newt has real insider experience as a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, and as a former member of Congress for 20 years. He also has real outsider experience, which has sharpened his perspective of what must be done inside our federal government to get more government out of our lives, and to get this nation back on the right track. 

When we were both running for president four years ago, Newt shared this candid insider/outsider perspective with me, for which I was honored, and which is another indication that he would be an ideal complement to the bold and direct leadership of Donald Trump.

Aside from Newt's incredible and impressive political experience, he is deeply smart about everything going on in our nation, in our federal government, and in the world. Additionally, his ability to communicate with and through the lens of the media is second to none. He has shown on many occasions that he is not afraid or intimidated by members of the media, and will lay a direct smack down on them when necessary.

Newt knows and understands how a lot of the media are focused on creating perceptions in people's minds, which often determines election outcomes.

Most importantly, Newt is also a listener like Donald Trump. They both know that they have to listen to good people around them to be successful.

I first met Newt in the early 1990s, after the Republicans won a surprising majority in the House of Representatives. The Republicans then elected Newt Speaker of the House.

As Hillary was promoting HillaryCare as an unelected official, with First Lady being her only credential, Newt invited me to speak to the Republican Conference about to why HillaryCare would be a disaster, just as ObamaCare has become a disaster today. I had just gained national notoriety by challenging President Bill Clinton on national TV about the flawed assumptions in Hillary Care, as they tried to force it on the people of the country, whether we wanted it or not.

Prior to me speaking to all of the Republicans in the House, Newt had me meet with him for a few minutes prior to the meeting. The few minutes turned into over a half an hour, as he listened to what I had to say on behalf of businesses in America, and as his scheduler kept telling him he was late for his next meeting. He told her to let them know he would be late. 

We were engaged in a compelling discussion about a lot of things, where he was asking me most of the questions, because he wanted to listen and learn. 

Listening is a true quality of leadership that Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump possess. That quality gets lost in the media, because it's not a sensational or shocking headline.

We don't need sensationalism and shocking! 

We need leaders who will listen and make this nation great again!

I believe Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich are the right leadership team. 

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