New stop-Trump plan: During a 90-second window on Jan. 3, Al Gore steals the House gavel; then . . .

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday December 20th, 2016

It's not over!

I want to give this guy the benefit of the doubt that he's kidding. I think he's kidding, although he put an awful lot of thought into it for a guy who's just punking everyone.

Then again, do you doubt for a second that there are liberals willing to embrace a plan like this without any sense of irony? Of course you don't. To them, a Trump presidency is the end of days, and no blocking strategy - no matter how bizarre or implausible - is beyond consideration.

I'll try to summarize his idea, and then let you hear it in raw form. He seems to think that, because of a quirk in the House's calendar and/or timekeeping system, there would be a 90-second window in which the House could briefly, under Democrat control, declare all business conducted in 2017 invalid. And this would include the certification of the Electoral College's vote making Trump president.

But they would need some very specific help from a very specific global warming alarmist.

Take it away, Soncharm, whoever you are:

New stop-Trump plan: During a 90-second window on Jan. 3, Al Gore steals the House gavel; then . . .

It almost sounds plausible enough for a Scooby Doo episode until you get to that last part. I sort of like the intrigue of Al Gore strolling in, flashing his lifetime credentials and then dashing off with the gavel - only to have some pre-prepared Democrat magically show up with a new one for Pelosi. I guess the 90-second window somehow represents the opening between the departure of the old Congress and the arrival of the new one, thus leaving holdover Democrats an opportunity to gavel the House into session for the purpose of invalidating the first six to eight months of said session.

Once you start relying on "little-known provisions of the Endangered Species Act," it's ceased to even be entertaining and now it's just implausibly absurd.

What's really funny here, of course, is not the idea itself - although that's pretty good stuff - but the realization that the left has still got its eyes open for a way, any way, to somehow stop Trump from becoming president. There is a reason these people demand that our side "accept the results of the election" (only if they win, of course), but completely lose their marbles when they lose.

If you're a conservative, you know who you would prefer running the government. But part of believing in limited government is seeing its role limited in your own life. If your side isn't in power, you may not like it, but your life is still your life and you're not going to let bad government policies take away your happiness, your hope, your job, your purpose, etc.

If you're a liberal, and you believe all good things come from government, you have just had your god taken away from you. You have no hope, as Michelle Obama might say, because government and your side's control of it are your only sources of hope. See it taken away - especially if it's given to a man you've allowed yourself to become convinced is Hitler - and you are going to lose it and lose it spectacularly.

You mouth platitudes about how people who lose should accept it gracefully, but when you lose it's different because all hope for everything depends on your side being in power. The truth is, you really only meant that gracious loser business for the other side. You can never accept defeat,  never stop trying to take power back, because you have nothing else to live for besides political power.

And the fact that liberals think this way is the very reason we shouldn't let them have any power. Now get in place, Mr. Gore. You've got a gavel to steal!

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