Napolitano: 3 Sources confirm Obama used British agency to spy on Trump

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday March 14th, 2017

Whoa. Huge, if true.

Until we can put a name with the sources, or have something a little more concrete, I'd take all of this with a grain of salt, but...  If what Judge Andrew Napolitano revealed this morning on "Fox & Friends" is true, the Trump wiretapping story is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

According to Napolitano, Fox has three intelligence sources who claim that Obama bypassed the U.S. intel chain of command, contacted the British spy agency GCHQ, and obtained transcripts and records of then candidate Donald Trump's phone calls.  In doing so, he allegedly avoided the evidentiary paper trail that would have resulted had he used sources at the DOJ, CIA, or NSA.

"Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn't use the NSA, he didn't use the CIA, he didn't use the FBI, and he didn't use the Department of Justice. He used GCHQ. What the heck is GCHQ? That's the initials for the British spying agency. They have 24/7 access to the NSA database. So by simply having two people go to them and say 'President Obama needs transcripts  of conversations involving Candidate Trump, conversations involving President-Elect Trump,' [Obama's] able to get it, and there's no American fingerprints on this."

Like I said, anonymous sources should always be treated skeptically, but Napolitano is making a massive accusation here.  If he's not 100% sure of his sources, I doubt he'd be so brazen.

If the story pans out, it would - without question - be the greatest scandal in U.S. presidential history.  For all the left's screaming about collusion with Russia, it would mean that it was the sitting Democrat President who colluded with agents of a foreign power in an attempt to alter the outcome of a U.S. election.

We'll obviously keep our eye on this one.  In the meantime, you can see the complete Napolitano segment below.

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