Nancy Sinatra hates guns so much she wants to shoot NRA members

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday October 05th, 2017

She shot me down Bang Bang.                                                                                                                                                                                

Lately, it feels like celebrity stupidity has hit a fever pitch.  We've seen flare-ups of lunacy regarding the environment, healthcare, illegal immigration and, of course, Hillary's catastrophic failure. However, nothing seems to get them wound up like gun control.

If you really want to see a d-lister get all foamy mouthed about an issue, all you have to do is seek out their feelings on the 2nd Amendment.

Do so, and you'll see them calling for the obliteration of constitutional rights, the silencing of their opponents, and - all too often - murder.  Usually, they wish death upon a single conservative person.  I've gotten my share, as I'm sure most right-of-center writers have.  That's nothing compared to radio host and NRA spokesperson, Dana Loesch, who spent the last two days retweeting all the people who want her dead. 

Then, there's the NRA itself.  It hit the celebrity death-wish jackpot when Nancy Sinatra decided to pipe up.  The elderly singer, famous for such songs as "Bang Bang (My baby shot me down)" "Machine Gun Kelly," hates guns so much that she's like to see the NRA's 5 million members shot.  By a firing squad.  With guns.

Nancy Sinatra hates guns so much she wants to shoot 5 million NRA members

So, just to be clear, the people who want you to abandon your 2nd Amendment rights and turn in your guns are also people who want you dead because you disagree with them. Sort of takes away the incentive to disarm, no?

Later, Nancy revised her initial statement, clarifying that she didn't mean to kill "all" the members.  She just wants the "murderous" ones shot. 

If she would share with us how she can determine which ones are "murderous," I'm sure we'd all appreciate it. After all, everyone - including the NRA - wants to keep firearms out of their hands, so if Nancy has a foolproof detection method we're all ears.

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P.S. Lee Hazlewood was a musical genius.