Nancy Pelosi responds to spectacular February job numbers with desperate variation on her 'crumbs' line

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday March 09th, 2018

Weak sauce, Nancy.  Try harder. 

By all accounts, the February jobs numbers were fantastic. 313,000 new jobs were added, the civilian workforce jumped by 806,000, December and January numbers were revised upward, and black unemployment dropped to near-historic levels.  All in all, pretty much everyone agrees it was a spectacular report.

"Pretty much everyone," sadly, does not include the deeply out-of-touch Nancy Pelosi. She's released a statement that trashes the numbers using a variation on her "crumbs" line:

“February’s jobs report shows that, while jobs continue to be created, working Americans are still not getting the bigger paychecks they deserve.  Strong job growth means little to the American workers forced to work multiple jobs because of stagnant wages.

“Republicans passed a debt-exploding GOP tax scam that hands massive windfalls to the rich and to corporations on the backs of hard-working Americans.  Instead of sharing the benefits with workers, many big corporations are pocketing the benefits themselves and refusing to give workers a raise."

Never mind that we now have 313,000 people who can put food on their table.  Nancy isn't interested.  Those new jobs are - just like thousand-dollar bonuses - nothing more than crumbs.

I'd say that's unbelievable, but nothing Pelosi does is unbelievable.  Not anymore.

Marc Short, an assistant to President Trump and White House Director of Legislative Affairs, replied to Pelosi's comments.  As he points out, this report doesn't exactly look like the "economic Armageddon" and "literal death" that doomsayer-Pelosi has been promising.

No wonder candidates in Pelosi's party no longer support her...

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