NAACP releases post-election statement - curiously forgets about Mia Love and Tim Scott

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday November 07th, 2014

Weird, right? Nope. Not weird.

At this point, most of us are aware that the NAACP is little more than a well-organized race-baiting organization. They yell "racism" in order to keep black voters loyal to the Democrats and collect gobs of cash to support the effort. That's basically all they're about.

Still, it seems that there are some poor, unfortunate, souls who've convinced themselves that the organization is interested in the actual "advancement" of "colored people." Since there were two historic races that were won by African-American Republicans on Tuesday night, these poor saps thought that maybe, just maybe, the NAACP would take a second to notice.

Nope. Sorry.  That doesn't further the agenda, so it just ain't gonna happen. 

As Townhall reported, when NAACP President & CEO Cornell William Brooks released his post-election statement, it was curiously free of the names "Mia Love" and "Tim Scott."

“This election was not about who won but the rather the citizens who lost the right to participate. This first election post the Shelby vs. Holder decision resulted in problems in every single state previously protected by the Voting Rights Act. For 49 years, these states were singled out because they had a history of discriminating against American voters. The Election Protection Hotline we manned with other concerned organizations fielded over 18,000 calls yesterday, many in those same states previously protected by the VRA. As we move forward—it is imperative that our newly elected Congress work with the NAACP and our partners to pass Voting Rights Act Amendment legislation that assures that all Americans have the franchise—our very democracy depends on it.”

There is no mention of Tim Scott or Mia Love’s historic wins this election cycle in the statement. As you can see, it’s mostly about the Voting Rights Act.

I know you're shocked. Apparently, the fact that Tim Scott is the first black man to be elected to both the House and the Senate - the first black senator to win election in the South since Reconstruction - was not worth mentioning. Similarly, Mia Love became the first black Republican woman in Congress.  ...And the NAACP couldn't care less.

Wins like these aren't really the kind of thing they try to achieve.

As always, the NAACP proves that it isn't really interested in improving the lives of African-Americans, it's interested in increasing the Democrat Party's power.

Below, you can check out what RNC Spokesperson Raffi Williams had to say about the snub.  It's actually pretty good. Maybe they're getting better at this!

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