MSNBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin: FBI Director basically an arm of the Clinton Campaign

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday September 06th, 2016


A little over a week ago, we talked about how someone must have slipped something into the watercooler over at MSNBC's Morning Joe program. At the time the host was ripping into defenders of the Clinton Foundation.  Now, it appears that mystery substance is back, and it's not just Joe who's been partaking.

This morning, MSNBC Senior Political Analyst and Morning Joe regular, Mark Halperin, tore into the way FBI Director James Comey has been handling the Clinton investigation and non-prosecution.

As he puts it, Comey is behaving like an "arm of the Clinton campaign" by burying new legitimate questions and releasing information in sketchy Friday-before-a-holiday document dumps. 

It's impossible to ignore the points he's making:

As usual, he backs away from the finishing blow. Halperin simply doesn't have the guts to make the painfully obvious judgment that Clinton should be indicted.  Still, his other points are dead-on.

The Friday night document dump is a staple of guilty administrations. Releases that come the day before a long national holiday? Doubly so. Yet, as Scarborough points out, this tactic has now been employed multiple times in an effort to insulate Hillary Clinton.  

If there's "no there there," why does the Obama administration feel the need to bury her dirty laundry at the least visible moments?

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h/t FreeBeacon