MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell praises Putin for answering questions

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday July 10th, 2017

So, we like Putin now?

"Putin is evil. Putin is the boogeyman. We should be at war with Putin or, at the very least, we should be hammering him with sanctions so severe they'd trigger a newer, better, more intense cold war. Putin.  Putin, Putin, Putin. Russia all the things."

That's the word from the suddenly uber-hawkish left, which has abandoned its former love affair with the Soviet Union for political expediency. Since they have no acceptable policy positions, they've decided their only line of attack is to rekindle an American fear of the Red Menace.  They're so entrenched in the 1980's red-scare mentality that I'm honestly surprised their TV networks aren't running back-to-back marathons of "Red Dawn," "The Day After," "Rocky IV," "Threads," and "War Games." ...Bonus points if you think "When the Wind Blows" should be on that list.

A quick glance at MSNBC or CNN will reveal that Russia is out to destroy you, and old-guard communists lurk behind every voting machine. And yet, folks like Andrea Mitchell want it both ways.  She's apparently enamored with Putin because, if nothing else, he "answers questions!"

The not-so-subtle point here is that, go figure, Trump isn't answering enough questions from a group of media talking heads who've made it their life's goal to destroy him.

Putin, takes questions!  Whoopideedoo!

Here's the problem:  It doesn't matter whether or not Trump answers Andrea Mitchell's questions, if her report on that question has already been written. Most of the media, particularly the folks at CNN, NBC, and MSNBC, have already decided to push a specific agenda.  That agenda is "ruin Trump at all costs." Whether Trump replies "yes" or "no" to literally any inquiry is irrelevant, since it won't alter the agenda-based missive that's been pre-emptively created.

They were on that bandwagon the second he clinched the nomination, they stayed on it throughout the 2016 election, and it went into hyperdrive the second he dared to defy them by beating Hillary Clinton.

So, my response to Andrea Mitchell would be this:  "Why should Trump answer any of your hostile questions, when the press has already decided how it's going to spin his answer? If I believed, even for a second, that you'd report his response honestly and evenly, I might agree with you that he should be more forthcoming.  But you incinerated your credibility long ago.  You won't apply any sort of journalistic integrity to your work, so why should Trump acknowledge you?"

To be blunt, Andrea Mitchell, her NBC and MSNBC cohorts, and her CNN counterparts made the bed in which they now lie.

No one should have any sympathy for their outrage, nor should the President acquiesce to their demands.

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