MSNBC viewers overwhelmingly support killing American citizens with drones

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday March 11th, 2013

By ROBERT LAURIE - Why are we not surprised?

MSNBC viewers overwhelmingly support killing you with drones

Update: A quick Mea Culpa.  Apparently this happened in February, not March.  Not being an MSNBC viewer, I missed it originally and, when it was sent to me today, I read the date wrong.  The poll is still on the MSNBC website and you'll find that the results have reversed, since some time has passed.

The politico ran a story on this 24 hours after it happened, which includes the video.  Watch it here.

By this point, we all expect craziness from MSNBC's cadre of ridiculous hosts. From Maddow to Matthews, Scarborough to Schultz, they're some of the goofiest crackpots in the history of television. So when they say something nutty, no one really notices.  

It's like trying to spot a diamond in a mountain of shattered glass.

However, last month, their reliably left-wing viewers chimed in via an on-air poll. The MSNBC audience was asked if they supported Obama's desire to target U.S. citizens via drone strike, without due process.  The results were overwhelmingly positive - unless you're an administration target.

78% percent of the respondents said that, yes, killing U.S. citizens without due process is just good natured, old-fashioned, American fun. 

To his very, very, minimal credit, even Schultz - who's gone on record saying Obama's drone policy "doesn't meet the moral or constitutional standard that we expect of any administration" - was dismayed by the results. 

So be careful out there.  If MSNBC viewers had their way, the administration would have final say over whether U.S. citizens live or die....

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