Mike Pence: The right words, the right track record

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Published by: Herman Cain on Monday July 18th, 2016

Words matter.

I do not personally know Governor Mike Pence, as most people outside of Indiana may not know much about him. But when he gave his speech to accept Donald Trump's invitation to be his running mate, I was impressed!
Pence's speech had strong themes about declaring war on radical Islamic terrorism and taking the fight to them, rather than trying to lead from behind and getting nowhere. His economic and job growth themes echoed the same focus and intentions of Donald Trump. 
Pence's speech had the right tone about making America great again, and not allowing political correctness to continue to weaken America. And his personal character and passion for this country came through as sincere.
All of the political rattle about how he will help to unify the Republican Party because of his conservative record during 12 years as a congressman is a big plus for the Republican ticket. But as Trump stated in his introduction of  Pence, the most compelling reasons Pence was selected by Trump were his record of achievements as governor of Indiana.

Indiana maintained a balanced state budget, while seeing the creation of far more private-sector jobs. Under Pence, Indiana also produced a $2 billion surplus and creating a two billion dollars surplus while investing in Indiana's infrastructure.
Over 30,000 people got above the poverty level, and far fewer people relied on food stamps, despite the Obama Administration fighting them on every turn. It all starts with policies that encourage economic prosperity, rather than those that stifle economic growth.
It takes a lot to impress me with a speech. It takes the right words with effective clarity and conviction. Pence delivered that clarity and conviction on Saturday. Clarity on domestic opportunities is just as important as clarity concerning foreign policy issues, as I discussed in my commentary yesterday.
He also defined himself as a Christian, a conservative and a Republican in that order, as if he were saying to the liberal media, "Any questions?"
Governor Mike Pence has certainly come across as a positive addition to the Republican quest for the White House in November.

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