Michael Moore wastes no time getting ghoulish over Boston Marathon

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday April 16th, 2013

By ROBERT LAURIE - Desperate to blame conservatives, pro-2nd Amendment extremists

UPDATE: I'm getting a lot of blowback that says "Who cares what Moore thinks?" or "Moore's irrelevant, don't pay him any attention." The fact is, over 1.5 Million people follow his every word on Twitter. You may not like it, but he has a sizeable audience that cares very much about his opinion. Turning a blind eye to Moore's ignorance will not make it go away. 

Yesterday's horrific Boston Marathon bombings are not even 24 hours old.  Today, parents are mourning dead child, the injured are waking to find their lives irrevocably altered, and others are fighting for survival.  Most people are focused on helping these affected, while the authorities carry out their investigation. The civilized world isn't desperate to place blame and, to that end, it's not speculating on who carried out these attacks.

Michael Moore is not part of the civilized world.

Yesterday, just minutes after the attack - while smoke was still wafting through the streets of Boston - the disheveled propagandist took to Twitter in one of the most self-serving, ghoulish displays we've seen yet.

Yes, while the victims were still being transported to Emergency Rooms - while loved ones were still trying to find their family members - Moore pounced on the notion that this simply has to be the work of people who are furious over the gun control debate.

This morning, his tirade continued....

Frankly, I'm not sure how The Bay of Pigs fits his deranged narrative. Somehow, virtually everything that has ever happened during the middle of April exists solely to serve as a motive for gun-nuts. 

If you care about your constitutionally protected rights, you bear some responsibility for the Boston bombings. 

That's the narrative Moore is trying to advance. How dare you demand your rights? Don't you see where that leads?

As I said, no one knows who was behind this attack.  Not yet.  However, most of us are smart enough to admit that.  Moore, clearly, is not.  His knee-jerk reaction is to bend pain, destruction, and the murder of innocents to his crusade, whether or not there's any legitimate connection.

Even in the unlikely event that he turns out to be right, Moore's desperation is truly disgusting.  Rest assured, we're going to see a lot more of it.

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