McDonald's employees helped catch Steve Stephens by making him wait for fries

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday April 18th, 2017

"Just a few more minutes, sir . . ."

I'm sure you've had this happen to you. (Oh, right, you never get fast food. OK.) You order your food and pull up to the window, only to be told they're waiting on fries and they'd like you to pull off into a parking space, where they'll bring them out for you just as soon as they can.

"$(**$#@(*#[email protected](*)@#!!!!" you mutter to yourself, then pull off like a chump because what else can you do?

So when Steve Stephens pulled up to a McDonald's drive-thru in Erie, Pennsylvania, one of the employees recognized him, and made a quick decision to give him the pull-over-for-fries routine to stall for time while the cops were called.

Amazingly, it worked, helping to buy enough time that the cops were able to catch up to him:

Stephens about 11 a.m. Tuesday ordered the 20-piece with French fries at a McDonald's drive-thru on Buffalo Road in Erie, Pennsylvania, store employees said.

An employee recognized Stephens, and employees tried to stall him by pretending his fries weren't ready while they called police, the store's manager said, confirming earlier reports.  

Stephens drove off just as Pennsylvania state troopers arrived and led them on a chase for about two miles. Carl White Sr., who watched the chase unfold, said a cruiser rammed Stephens' now infamous white Ford Fusion in front of an abandoned school.

The impact popped at least one of Stephens' tires.

Police swarmed the car, and Stephens fatally shot himself.

A few questions about this: If you're this employee and you recognize Stephens, aren't you a little terrified that making him wait for fries might set him off such that he might kill you? Also, how much of a poker face must this person have to not show any alarm or reaction at recognizing Stephens?

Also, once Stephens had managed to elude police for two days, I just assumed he had ditched the white Ford Fusion and was now getting around in some other way. Nope. He was still driving the same car? How does no one spot him for two days when everyone knows what kind of car and plates he has?

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By the way, apparently Stephens didn't actually pull over into a parking spot, but the fries gambit still slowed up him enough that the police were able to catch up with him.

Very quick and clever thinking by that employee. Brave too. Fugitive murderers might want to avoid McDonald's in the future.

McDonald's employees helped catch Steve Stephens by making him wait for fries

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