Mark Cuban offers to be VP - for anyone. Says if Hillary picks Warren, he votes for Trump

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday June 10th, 2016

Felon/Fauxcahontas 2016!

Having all but vanquished Bernie Sanders, Hillary needs to find a running mate who can not only do the job of an ordinary VP, but also bring the Sanders' far left supporters to heel. So, the name "Elizabeth Warren" gets tossed around a lot. Indeed, Hillary is having a pow-wow (pun intentional) with Warren today.

Billionaire Mark Cuban has offered to be VP for Trump OR Hillary, saying...

“Washington has become so partisan and gridlock is so bad that you need somebody that doesn’t have the legacy baggage of one party or the other.  And I think both candidates are severely deficient in technology… Hillary has her challenges with email; Donald doesn’t even use email… If you don’t have that strong a grasp of technology – that’s what’s going to drive our economy… I think I can bring that value to both."

...But he's not sold on Warren by a longshot. In fact, if she's the VP pick, his vote will land on Trump's side of the fence.

If you're wondering why she'd pick Warren when she could say the word and Sanders would climb aboard, there are two reasons:

The first is that Bernie's a loose cannon. If there's one thing political parties value above all else, it’s candidates they can control.  If you can't be counted on to toe the party line - if they're afraid you could shoot your mouth off at any moment - they don't want to deal with you. Since Bernie actually believes in something, there's probably a good deal of concern that he might be prone to public disagreements with Hillary. 

The second is that the Democrats have it in their head that an all-female ticket boasting a suspected criminal and a fake Indian would be "historic."  Since Hillary has no positive record to run on, no achievements or successes to speak of, the "historic" nature of her candidacy will be front and center throughout the campaign.  They're probably thinking they could make short work of anyone who would oppose a Felon/Fauxcahontas ticket by playing the gender card non-stop for the next four months.

When we hear what goes on at today’s Hillary/Warren summit, we'll be sure to let you know.  In the meantime, enjoy the clip of the woman who wouldn't mind being your next VP - as she unloads a bunch of socialist, statist, claptrap on Trump.  If you can't imagine listening to Hillary's shrill shrieking for the next four years, imagine this day in and day out...

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