Madeleine Albright: There's a special place in Hell for women who don't support Hillary

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday February 08th, 2016

We'll take our chances.

Would it be taking this whole thing way too seriously if I bothered to correct the horrendous theology? I think so. It's not so much that the threat of eternal damnation is alluded to here. That's just Madeleine Albright being a presumptuous blowhard. But I do think she's trying to do something serious when she basically tells every woman in America they have no business not supporting Hillary for president:

This is one of those appeals to duty that people make when they're not really that confident about the quality of what they're offering. "Let's all go see Jim's show. We want to support Jim." That's not the same thing as thinking Jim's show is excellent or worth seeing. It's a thinly veiled guilt trip that suggests Jim is in a bad way and because of your place in his life - whatever that might be - you really should do something to help him regardless of whether you actually want to.

That's essentially the trip Albright is trying to lay on every woman in America. Come on. Hillary needs your help. We're all women here. We've got to help Hillary.

That would be a perfectly fine notion if Hillary was looking for help with any number of personal crises in her life. But what Hillary is seeking is to be trusted with the leadership of the nation, and that being the case, people making a decision about Hillary need to first consider what's best for the nation, not what's best for Hillary.

Also, I don't remember Madeleine Albright imploring women to help Sarah Palin under penalty of Hell when she was running for vice president, but maybe someone can point out that video on the YouTube archives for me.

So no, the threat of Hell isn't real, but the guilt trip is very real. You, the women of America, owe it to Hillary to make sure she wins. It's all about Hillary. And if she doesn't win, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

When that's the most compelling care your supporters can find to make for you, then the rationale for your presidency is pretty thin.

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