Liberals aghast as Trump warns North Korea of the same destruction Clinton and Obama threatened

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday August 10th, 2017

You can thank Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

"Oh no!  Trump is an idiot!  He has the nuclear codes! ...And he's trying to start World War Three!!!"

That's the message from Democrats who I suggest are desperate to relive the glory days of JFK's cold war.  Deep down, I think they love watching the North Korean drama unfold. They haven't had this much fun since that Reagan puppet had his finger on the button in a Genesis video.

Plus, if it gives them an excuse to attack the president, weaken his position, and thereby damage the United States?  That's just "sauce for the goose."

How else can you explain the fact that they're positively apoplectic over Trump's "fire and fury" comment, while they were - and remain - completely silent over the same basic threat when it came from Bill Clinton and Barack Obama?

Did we hear any liberal outrage over how "reckless" this was?

Of course not.  That's because the twin geniuses, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, were busy giving the Norks access to nuclear material and technology if they "promised" not to use it to make weapons.  They had "assurances" and whatnot.

We all know how those "assurances" worked out, and we've just made essentially the same disastrous mistake with Iran.

Speaking of Barack Obama, Iran deal-maker extraordinaire, what did he have to say about North Korea?

Liberals aghast that Trumpwarned North Korea of the same destruction Obama and Clinton threatened

Oh.  Well, that’s totally different from Trump "because Obama."

Allow me to suggest that maybe - just maybe - lefty outrage is so intense this time around because they know that the situation they created is truly out of control.  All the promises Bill Clinton made about North Korea's good intentions have been exposed as the planet's largest crap sandwich. We have a genuine Bond-villain madman with a nuke and he's making very real threats against the United States - all because of Democrat deals and inaction.  ...And they hate the guy who's going to have to clean up their mess.

So, they're doing the only thing they know how to do: exploit and politicize.  Heck.  Even CNN can see through it:

The Democrat plan is to terrify everyone into thinking Trump is a loose cannon who can't wait to ignite a nuclear exchange.  Hillary was even doing it during the 2016 campaign. The fact is that there's a madman threatening to annihilate Guam, and we're forced to take him seriously because Democrats placed him on the path to the weapon he currently has.

This is their mess, and they should step aside while the grownups fix it.  Watch and learn progressives, because we're going to have to do the same thing with Iran in a few years...

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