Lefties hop on Twitter to celebrate death of Roger Ailes

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday May 18th, 2017

Lovely people.

Via Mediaite, this was as predictable as it is disgusting, and the loved ones who today are mourning the passing of Roger Ailes can surely take solace in the fact that the people doing this are complete asshats:

I'm sure that if you look hard enough,you can find examples of conservatives doing the same after some lionized liberal died. Twitter wasn't much of a thing when Ted Kennedy died in 2010 (score one for 2010), but I'm sure there were righties somewhere who refused to be respectful and just ripped the guy as he was being laid in the grave. And of course, we were appropriately disrespectful upon the death of actual murderous monster Fidel Castro.

But at the risk of being told I'm generalizing out of sheer partisanship, it does seem to me that this kind post-death rage against partisan rivals is mostly a thing of the left. And no one is surprised that it's happening, since they view Fox News in the same way they view Ailes. It's not just a source of information with a point of view different from theirs. It's monstrous, nasty and dangerous. It must be stopped.

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So now that Roger Ailes has been stopped from living, they can't help but celebrate. And an awful lot of what drives that is the culture of Twitter, where people like this have to preen for each other and prove who is the most daring, edgy, unafraid of eschewing propriety, whatever. The fact that a man died and his loved ones are devastated is completely irrelevant. He was their enemy and they have to have their moment.

None of this is to minimize the wrong things Ailes apparently did, nor to devalue the people who were hurt by them. But the occasion of a man's death is not a cue for you to show us what a clever jerk you are.

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