Left goes bonkers as ObamaCare actually starts destroying jobs

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday November 15th, 2012

By DAN CALABRESE - You think they attacked business before? Just you wait.

We tried to tell them. You can't impose massive new health care costs on businesses without negatively impacting employment status and wage levels. But you knew they would never listen. You knew they would pass ObamaCare anyway, because they think businesses have gigantic piles of money sitting around in secret rooms somewhere, and the only reason they don't provide employees with gold-plated benefit packages - free of charge - is that they are heartless, greedy bastards who want all their workers to get sick, suffer and die.

So they went ahead and passed it. And now that everything we tried to warn them of is happening, you don't think they're going to just admit they were wrong do you? No way. We're already seeing how the left intends to deal with the news of massive cuts in jobs and employee hours, especially in the food service industry. They're going to attack the companies making the moves as greedy, unpatriotic cretins who are using ObamaCare as an excuse to enrich themselves at the expense of workers and customers.

Already a movement is starting to organize a boycott of Applebee's, Olive Garden and quite a few other well known chains because they are believed to be cutting employee hours - a move that allows them to avoid the requirement of paying for benefits under ObamaCare. And today the left is apoplectic over the plans of Florida-based Denny franchisee John Metz to impose an "ObamaCare surcharge" of 5 percent on meals.

I suppose most Obama voters don't know much more about business than Obama himself knows (which is pretty much nothing), so maybe they really didn't understand that this was inevitable. Maybe they really didn't understand that businesses can't just willingly hand over a portion of their profit margins without making some sort of move to mitigate the loss.

What they really don't understand is this: No business wants to pay employees poorly or offer them inadequate benefits. That's because it's not in the business's best interests to do that. Offering good pay and benefits prevents employee turnover, which comes with huge costs that businesses much prefer to avoid if they can. The same is true with prices. No one wants to increase prices, because it potentially puts you at a competitive disadvantage. A guy who imposes a 5 percent surcharge doesn't delight in irritating his customers. He's trying to cover an additional cost that's been imposed on him, and in the case of John Metz, he wants customers to know where that cost is coming from.

But while you want to pay as generously as you can, and charge as little as you can, you still need to make money. You can't give stuff away for free and pay everyone $1 million a year. You have to set wages and prices commensurate with what it costs to run your business, and with what the market can bear. It's when government starts imposing outside costs that it screws this up and forces businesses to do things they would not do if left to their own devices.

Don't try telling that to the left, though. They don't want to hear it. Now that the business community is doing exactly what some of said they would have to do, the left is going to launch a massive political campaign against them. Boycotts never work, so Applebee's will be fine, but if you thought Democrats were anti-business before, just wait until you see how they assail America's job creators for the rational, inevitable moves they have to make in response to the monstrosity that is ObamaCare.