Just because something is in the news doesn't make it news

Headshot image of Herman Cain
Published by: Herman Cain on Tuesday October 17th, 2017

Time to refocus on things that actually matter.

President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell having a great lunch meeting and a kumbaya moment is not news to me. I'm glad they presented a united message, but legislative results are news. There were none yet.

What Hillary Clinton thinks or says about anything does not matter to me one iota. She is irrelevant to any conversation. And I wouldn't waste time reading her book about blaming everybody and everything for her presidential loss. It's never her fault.

I feel essentially the same about former President Obama. He was wrong on most serious issues when he was president, so he is not suddenly going to be right about stuff now. He is part of the so-called resistance movement against President Trump, which means America's interests are not his top priority.

Every time I hear about another Colin Kaepernick stunt to stay in the news, I just shake my head in disgust, because he started a lie about injustice in America. Sadly, a lot of people jumped on his bandwagon not looking at the facts and the big picture.

Constant attacks against anything Trump by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are not winning any new supporters. They have no new good ideas for this country, and their rhetoric is predictably the same as in years past. And the liberal media continues to repeat all the garbage they spew as if it's true when it's not.

The latest Hollywood scandal, or behind-the-scenes drama about TV personalities, might merit a brief mention in the news. But the media love to give attention to such stories until they run out of anything new to say. Sometimes they just repeat old news to help fill up their 24/7 news reporting.

As emotionally painful as the natural disasters and tragedies have been in recent weeks, they're real news. They bring out the real compassion of real people in times of need by real people.

Real news is also things that can impact our lives like progress on relieving the American people from the disastrous pain of ObamaCare. Real news would be bold tax cuts and simplification, which the president has proposed, while the swamp tries to slow walk the proposal to oblivion. I hope I'm wrong.

Soundbites and uninformed opinions by people who are publicly well known do not determine the course of legislation, especially past office holders, entertainers and professional athletes. Thank God! As a friend of mine says, they should stay in their lane. That's why I don't get excited about the latest "who said what" story.

Progress towards real results matters when you can sift through the media noise and smoke. Real results matter to our livelihoods, our families, our way of life, our nation and our future. 

I'm not cynical about the greatness of America. I'm just sick and tired of some people trying to marginalize our nation for their own self-serving recognition, and trying to resist bold positive changes this president is trying to make.

The resistance ain't winning. More and more people are seeing through the media noise and smoke, which will help make this a better America.

Just because something is in the news does not mean it's news.

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