Join me in fighting the liberals through Pay Attention Citizens PAC

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Published by: Herman Cain on Wednesday July 12th, 2017

Here's how.

The liberals are trying to steal America!

The liberals, the political establishment and the liberal media are trying to steal and reshape our culture and our nation. They have abandoned our founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and are trying to replace them with self-serving pursuits of power, control and money.

Even worse, they are abandoning the truth to achieve their goals.

The Democrats and the Hollywood liberals spent more than $23 million on a smooth talking, and disingenuous Democrat candidate to try to steal the traditionally conservative sixth congressional seat in a special election in Georgia. They failed! The people of Georgia are not stupid and can't be bought with a bunch of deceptive TV ads. 

Liberals and liberal news outlets are openly expressing their hostility toward President Trump and his agenda, which is a people's agenda. They may slow the Trump Administration down at times with their antics and distractions, but the administration continues to achieve results in a sea of Democrat and liberal fear mongering. 

Liberal activists and college administrators are denying conservative voices to chance to speak to students on their campuses. If they can't shout us down, they want to shut us out. They have no message that builds on our founding principles, so they deny the young and vulnerable the opportunity to hear and learn the truth.

We know that billionaire liberals are sponsoring many of these liberal activists, but they effectively use existing laws and organizations within organizations to leave no fingerprints of their involvement. Yet when activists openly admit they are being paid to be there, what does that suggest?

But! We can defeat their mission with a strong and effective voice of the people focused on the right things for the people. We must fight fire with fire, raise our voices against their voices, and spend money to get the truth to people.

Our fire fight produced a Republican president and Republican control of Congress. This has not made legislative accomplishments any easier, because of a number of establishment RINO's (Republicans In Name Only), and total resistance by the Democrats in Congress.

Even though our conservative voices through radio, TV and print are vastly outnumbered, we are still saving the savable. I hear from people who have seen the light everyday on my radio show. We read comments about the commentary on this site, thanking us for setting the record straight, and I receive direct feedback from people all over this country responding to the many observations I make on the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network.

But we all have to do more! 

That's why we're initiating a new Super PAC, the Pay Attention Citizens PAC.

This is where we have to fight with the truth against deception. But it takes money in this hyper-digital society. I know there are a lot of PACs and Super PACs in the political sphere, but yes, we need one more.

Pay Attention Citizens PAC  expenditures will be targeted toward initiatives that support our conservative beliefs (less government, fewer taxes and more individual responsibility), and which echo the founding beliefs of this great nation! We will also be targeting against initiatives and candidates who do not support our conservative beliefs.

Most importantly, we will tell people the truth!

For example, the 20 Republicans who voted against the House AHCA are our first priority leading up to the 2018 congressional elections. Their solidarity with other Republicans might have influenced the Senate to start with the House bill instead of starting over, which has created a political mess. We will not forget, because we are paying attention.

Each of those who voted against the AHCA will give their voters some lame ideological excuse as to why they voted against the bill, when the ACHA was as good a political solution as we were going to get at this time.

Establishment politicians assume we are not paying attention and that we will forget during re-election time. Nope! Not this time! But we need your help.

We live in a digital society, and it has been shown time and time again that digital tools are the most effective and efficient way to reach millions of people with the truth, lies or deception. We will tell people the truth, and set the record straight when they are being deceived.

Pay Attention Citizens PAC will help us leverage all of our current radio, TV, web site, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital assets to help people make the right decisions with the right information.

Abraham Lincoln once declared, "When people have the right information, they will make the right decisions."

The liberals will not steal America. Not on our watch!

Join me in this fight!

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