Joe Biden says he's pretty sure he's not too old to run for President, beat the snot out of Howard Dean

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday January 05th, 2018

Pay Per View, please.

Is "Crazy Uncle Joe" Biden older than your average political candidate?  Yup. He sure is.  

He also knows that he coulda been someone. He coulda been a contender.  ...And maybe he still will be.

If Biden runs for President in 2020, he'd be 78 years old. That's almost a full decade older than Reagan was in 1980. The regretful former VP is also aware that age is a factor in a presidential race. Still, don't tell Joe he's too old for the job. If you do, you're in for an old-school whoopin'. He'll get his "beatin' stick" and go to town on you whipper-snappers, because he's not afraid.  He can "take you physically."

Biden was recently asked about his age and some comments Howard Dean had made about his advancing years.

A word of advice? ...GET OFF HIS LAWN!!!

Watch out, Howard Dean, he's got his eyes on you. Take your "Walkman," your "MTV," your "pop rocks" and your "New Coke" and move along. 

...Otherwise, he's going to roll up his sleeves and teach you a thing or two about old-tyme boxing!

Prepare yourself to receive "the Once-over in Dover!"

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