Jim Webb has figured out why Democrats are losing so badly. ...Here's why they won't listen to him

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday February 13th, 2017

Fingers in ears.

Back in 2015, when Jim Webb ended his campaign to become the Democrat's presidential nominee, I referred to him as "the Dems' only adult." It had been clear, for months, that Webb stood no chance of gaining any sort of traction among the rabid lefties that control today's Democrat party.  It was just never going to happen.

The reason? He's sane.

That alone disqualified him.  Before he even announced his candidacy, his very sanity doomed him.  Democrats demanded candidates who would drag the entire country into a radical left-wing morass, so they ended up with Bernie and Hillary.

As the saying goes, "human events proceed with irresistible logic."  Dems suffered a disastrous, soul-crushing, hysteria-inducing defeat at the hands of their ultimate boogeyman, Donald Trump.  They face another electoral bloodbath in 2018  and their 2020 bench is as shallow as a puddle of spit in the Sahara.

This weekend, Jim Webb did a nice job of laying out the Democrats' woes...

"Democrats are looking at 2018. And they don't have a message.

The message that has been shaped by the Democratic party has been shaped toward identity politics and they've lost the key part of their base.

...The Democrats have not done the kind of self-reflection that they should have starting in 2010. You’ve lost white working people. You’ve lost flyover land, and you saw in this election what happens when people get frustrated enough that they say, ‘I’m not going to take this.

There is an aristocracy now that pervades American politics. It’s got to be broken somehow in both parties, and I think that’s what the Trump message was that echoed so strongly in these flyover communities.”

He's 100% correct. Right now, Dems are scrambling to do the impossible: find a message that will play to normal, non-rabid, human beings without alienating their bat-crap crazy base.  "Impossible" in this case, is not used lightly, since any move to the center will be met with the same kind of violence and rage we currently see directed at conservatives.

By the way, Democrats could have recognized this issue a while back.  All they needed to do was heed the warnings of ...presidential candidate Jim Webb.

Here he is in July of 2015:

For the record, Jim Webb's presidential hopes ended with the sentence "The party has moved way far to the left and that's not my Democratic party."  As I wrote at the time:

"The party that worships the federal government and supports statists like Obama, Hillary, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren simply can't allow someone like Webb to gain any traction. Didn't Webb get the memo? Admitting that your party has shifted into territory controlled by dangerous, uncompromising, socialists is no way to move your career forward."

Congratulations, Democrats.  You ignored his warnings and your party faceplanted hard enough to leave an impact crater.

Please, do us all a favor and stay the course. Continue to blame hackers, Comey, Obama, Trump, racism, talk radio, sexism, fake news, Nazis, global warming, Fox, Bush, whatever.

We're all better off while the left is trapped in denial.

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