It's time to stop white-on-white violence

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Published by: Herman Cain on Tuesday September 27th, 2016

These predators may be the worst criminals in our society, and no one is standing up to them.

Black-on-black crime statistics in some cities are staggering, and many prominent black voices just don't talk about them. Worse yet, they offer no real solutions to address the problems. Prominent white voices tread lightly talking about black-on-black crime for concern of being accused of stirring racial tensions, or being labeled a racist.

Few people talk about white-on-white crime. I'm not talking about violent physical offenses that law enforcement officials try to prevent and minimize. I'm talking about self-appointed speech police media types who ignorantly attack another white person and label him or her racist, simply because the self-appointed speech police does not like what someone said or the way they said it.

Case in point, USA Today sports writer Bob Nightengale's attack on professional baseball player Steve Clevenger. It went something like this:

White professional baseball player Clevenger criticizes the rioters in Baltimore, the BLM "movement", and President Obama via social media. Although harsh, it was his First Amendment right to do so.

White USA Today sports writer Nightengale didn't like what the baseball player said, and labeled him a racist for saying what he said.

Steve Clevenger is not a racist. Bob Nightengale drew an ignorant conclusion based only on his opinion. But there’s more:

White ignorant sports writer suggests that the Seattle Mariners release white player for being a racist according to his jury of one, himself.

The Seattle Mariners obliged and suspended Clevenger without pay for the rest of the season. We can only speculate that this was done to avoid an avalanche of media pressure, only as a result of white reporter's ignorant conclusion.

Then! White reporter doubles down on his criticism of white baseball player, and the fact that the Mariners folded so easily. He now suggests that white ballplayer should never be allowed to play professional baseball again.

As Dan said on Friday:

Essentially, America now has a speech code, and members of the media like Bob Nightengale are the self-appointed enforcers of the speech code. Here's how it works: Yes, it's true, the First Amendment still protects you from criminal sanction for expressing your opinions. But the speech code makes that protection nearly irrelevant. If you express an opinion that the keepers of the code don't like, they will hound you and hound everyone associated with you until it becomes far too much trouble to remain associated with you.

Question! Would the white reporter have called the white baseball player a racist if the white player had been black? Probably not, and the baseball player would still have his job and career.

Another question! Would the white reporter have pounced on a prominent black racial tension agitator if he had said the same thing? Probably not, because the cockroach reporter as Dan calls him would be afraid of being the one called racist.

The speech code as Dan described it is a double standard used to stir racial tensions, unfairly attack people, intimidate them into silence and rob them of their First Amendment rights.

Way to go, white reporter. You committed a white-on-white crime, and you certainly should not win any journalism awards for doing so. If you do, that would be another crime.

Maybe Bob got cut from the Little League baseball team as a child.

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