It's John McCain's America, so Washington is thrilled and you're screwed

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday July 28th, 2017

Maverick first.

I meant what I said last week about praying for John McCain to beat his cancer. I still do.

I also mean this: John McCain is a traitor to everything he has fooled people for years into thinking he stands for. John McCain is not for free markets. John McCain is not for individual freedom. John McCain is not for solving problems.

John McCain is for one thing and one thing only, and that’s pleasing the Beltway establishment and the D.C. press corps so it will shower praise on him in return.

Reportedly before McCain took to the Senate floor last night to cast his vote killing even the most limited repeal of ObamaCare, he told reports from Politico, “Watch the show.” He knew exactly what he was doing.

With a great sense of drama, McCain intended to take to the floor and make people gasp as their jaws dropped. He knew the Democrats would be jubilant while Republicans would be crestfallen. And he intended to make all of it happen with tremendous fanfare that would make him the man of the hour.

It is what John McCain does. It is what he has done for a very long time. Back in the 1980s when McCain was first a relative newbie in the House, less than a decade after the end of his captivity in Vietnam, he seemed to be a rising conservative star. He was strong on national defense and drew enthusiasm from conservatives for his seemingly earnest expression of conservative principles.

I don’t know if it was a con then. Maybe McCain believed these things before he got co-opted by Washington. But what he really wanted more than anything else was to be accepted and praised by the beautiful people in the capital. He loved fawning media attention. He loved being seen as a “patriot” more so than as a partisan, and he knew that to get that praise he had to tact left and sabotage Republican efforts to rein in spending, unshackle markets and stop confiscating money people had earned and should be allowed to keep.

McCain’s decision to cast the deciding vote saving ObamaCare is the perfect bitter conclusion to this wasted career. Having voted for repeal when it didn’t matter, because he knew Barack Obama would veto it, McCain now saves the day for the big-government left and can look forward to weeks of his favorite thing in the world – glowing headlines and tributes to his career as a “bipartisan” man of principle.

What rot. Official Washington loves this guy because he continually protects its way of life. The same John McCain who saved ObamaCare is the one who thinks it would be an absolute travesty for the Senate to get rid of the filibuster for legislation. That makes the Republican majority completely worthless, incapable of passing anything whatsoever without Democratic support that McCain knows will never come.

GDP growth for Obama's final year? A measly 1.6 percent

That’s exactly why he does it. He cloaks it in concern for the traditions of the chamber, but that’s garbage. The Senate is the roadblock that prevents America from solving its problems, and McCain wants to make sure that never changes. Because his doting fans in Washington don’t want those problems solved, and he is their hero.

A long time ago John McCain showed courage in surviving captivity at the hands of brutal enemies. That can never be taken away from him, and I won’t try. But John McCain is a terrible United States senator. He is doing horrible damage to this country by preventing his colleagues from solving serious problems that are hurting people every day.

It’s too bad Arizona Republicans weren’t able to offer a more serious primary opponent last time than talk radio blowhard J.D. Hayworth, or McCain might have been put out to pasture before he could hurt the United States of America the way he did last night.

John McCain does not serve the American people. John McCain serves the Beltway establishment. He will never change. And no matter what he went through in Vietnam, and no matter how sick he is today, there is no point pretending that’s not true.

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