In absolutely awesome piece, Palin rips GOP defeatists who fear defunding ObamaCare

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Saturday September 21st, 2013

"Heck, about the most significant thing that happened during the last government shutdown was Clinton hooked up with Monica."

Dang, I'm jealous that Breitbart got her to write this and we didn't. Next time!

We love Gov. Palin here, and this is exactly why. As Washington GOP insiders cower in fear over the efforts of people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul - who actually want to fight this boondoggle - Palin lays out the real truth. For Republicans who insist the defunding of ObamaCare is unachievable, Palin exposes exactly why they think that: They expect to get beaten up by the media, and they're afraid of that. If the House majority holds together and refuses to fund any particular thing, no money can be spent on it. That's just a basic fact. If 218 House members refuse to fund ObamaCare, then funding ObamaCare is unachievable, no matter how much Obama, the Democrats and the media shriek about it.

The problem is that Beltway Republicans and their political consultants are terrified of the shrieking.

It wouldn't be fair to Breitbart to excerpt too much of Palin's piece, but here's a particularly choice passage:

But the permanent political class is handwringing and howling that if there’s a government shutdown the media will blame Republicans for it. Here’s a little newsflash, GOP establishment: Whenever anything bad happens, the media blames Republicans for it. That’s not an excuse to roll over and play dead. It’s a call to follow the advice I give my daughters: Woman up, stand your ground, and fight like a girl!

I want no pity. I need no empathy. But use me as a barometer. Over the years, the leftwing media has falsely and irrationally accused me of everything from faking a pregnancy to abetting murder. They lie. Deal with it.

Republicans in Congress support funding the government. If the Democrats block these funding measures, a government shutdown is on them. In the meantime, stop the ridiculous hysterics. Heck, about the most significant thing that happened during the last government shutdown was Clinton hooked up with Monica.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

Be sure to click over to Breitbart and read the whole thing, and share it.

I also want to add to Palin's point about the shutdown. A narrative has dominated Washington for nearly two decades that the Republicans got their clocks cleaned politically from the 1995 shutdown, that Clinton got the best of Gingrich, and that's why Republicans can never really stand up to Democrats on a big budget issue. If Democrats are threatened with not getting something they want, they can simply refuse to deal and let the Republicans face the horror of a government shutdown and all the media abuse that will come with it.

Republicans need to get over that, and fast. Otherwise they will never have any hope of standing their ground on anything. I understand that politics is rough and tumble, which is why you can't accomplish anything in it if you're always afraid. If the government shuts down because Obama and Reid wouldn't accept a spending bill that didn't fund ObamaCare, and the media starts doing what it always does and blames Republicans, then stand up and fight that narrative you sniveling little cowards!


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