Illegal is illegal

Headshot image of Herman Cain
Published by: Herman Cain on Monday November 06th, 2017

When will Democrat voters figure all this out?

First, but not exclusively first, it was lying about who was funding the false Russian collusion narrative. It was the Democrats, it was not the Republicans.

Then, former DNC acting Chairwoman Donna Brazile threw the Clintons, Obama and the Democratic National Committee under the bus, because she knew they would eventually throw her under the bus, because that's what they do!

Prior to that revelation, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wanted President Trump to allow illegal payments to insurance companies in order to help patch a failed Unaffordable Care Act. Illegal! Rightly so, that idea did not go anywhere, because President Trump would not continue illegal subsidies to insurance companies.

Now we learn that the Hillary Clinton campaign subsidized the Democrat National Committee in exchange for stacking the nomination in her favor, and against socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. She got the stacked nomination, but she did not win the presidency. Thank God!

My question is simple. When will the Democrat voters realize they are being used and abused? They are being used to perpetuate lies and corruption, and they are being abused because elected Democrat leaders think their supporters are extremely gullible, and sometimes stupid.

The Republican Party is by no means squeaky clean. But this level of lying, deception and corruption by the Democrats is unprecedented. They have shown that they are down and dirty no matter what. Even if it's lying!

This is not only an embarrassment to the Democrat Party and our political process, but it's an embarrassment to our nation.

Wake up, people! Political and government corruption does not lead to anything good. Ask the people of Venezuela! For them it may be too late.

We still have a chance to make a nation of laws work for the good of the people. Illegal is illegal! When we ignore that, we are doomed.

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