Illegal immigrant makes Donald Trump's point by attempting to assassinate Donald Trump

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday June 21st, 2016

Smooth move, Braniac.

You're supposed to believe that every impulse to crack down on illegal immigration is rooted in nothing more than abject racism.  Never mind the fact that illegals come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and nationalities.  If you want to enforce America's border security laws, you're a "phobe" who hates the "brown people."

At least that's the moronic story that progressives try to peddle.

Fortunately, we have illegal immigrants who are doing everything they can to disprove the left's fantasy. Case in point is a man named Michael Sandford.  He's 20 years old, he's white, he's from the UK, and on Saturday he tried attended a Trump rally.  There, he attempted to grab an officer's gun and use it to assassinate Donald Trump.  ...Oh, and he's in the country illegally after overstaying his visa. 

The man facing charges for attempting to grab a police officer’s gun, so he could allegedly shoot presidential candidate Donald Trump is in the United States illegally.

He had overstayed his visa from the United Kingdom.

That information came during his arraignment in U.S. District Court Monday afternoon. Michael Sandford, 20, is charged with an act of violence on restricted grounds.

He was arrested Saturday during Trump’s campaign rally in Las Vegas.

Police said he grabbed the handle of an officer’s gun in an attempt to remove it. According to the complaint, Sandford told police he drove from California to Las Vegas to kill Trump.

Obviously, security stopped the attack before it happened, but the entire story proves the need for tighter immigration controls.  Last year alone, just shy of half a million people overstayed their visas and immigration officials have no idea where most of them are. This category of "undocumented alien" accounts for almost half of all illegals in the country at any given moment.

So, contrary to the ridiculous spin being employed by progressives, the immigration battle not about racism, it's not about bigotry, and it's only partially about our southern border.  It is about keeping track of, and deporting, criminals and murderers like Michael Sandford.

 ...We're guessing this is not the point this would-be killer was trying to make.

EXIT QUESTION:  Why isn't this a bigger news story? If - God forbid - someone tried this at a Hillary rally, you can bet the media would be focused on it for days.  So why isn't a narrative-destroying illegal attempting to murder the presumptive Republican nominee not garnering the same kinds of headlines?  ...I know, I know.  The answer is painfully obvious.  But I figured I should point it out.

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