If only that shrieking Hillary speech had anything to do with reality

Headshot image of Herman Cain
Published by: Herman Cain on Sunday July 31st, 2016


Once she got past the platitudes, Hillary Clinton spun quite a tale on Thursday night about the realities of modern-day America. She’s not as skillful a liar as her husband, but I suppose anyone interested in lying would do so pretty confidently if they were sure they would not get called out for the lies.

Here are just a few examples of how Hillary’s words had nothing to do with reality:

She claimed Obama has unleashed a massive job-creation movement in America. No, he hasn’t. For one thing, 15 million private-sector jobs over eight years is not a good record. It represents less than what normal population growth requires just to stay even. But the number is bogus anyway because it doesn’t account for the jobs that were lost.

She claimed Obama had given us a robust and growing economy. Nope, the very next morning we learned that second-quarter GDP growth was only 1.2 percent, following a downgraded first quarter that saw only 0.8 percent GDP growth. That’s horrendous, folks. And throughout Obama’s entire presidency – even if you throw out the first two years – average annual growth has been less than 2.0 percent. That’s the weakest post-recession record in the history of this country.

She claimed we put a cap on Iran’s nuclear ambitions without firing a shot. Ha! Iran is already cheating on the weak agreement Obama and John Kerry negotiated. What we did was enable Iran to become a nuclear power, not only by relaxing restrictions but also by freeing up the money they need to do it.

She claimed Obama made health care a right. That doesn’t even make any sense. Health care has long been treated as a right in the sense that no one who showed up at a hospital in need of care but without the ability to pay would be turned way. What ObamaCare has done is taken away your freedom to decide how your health care would be paid for, and what it would consist of. If that’s what she means by making it a right, then we were all better off before it was a right.

She claimed she has a strategy to defeat ISIS. She then proceeded to offer Obama’s strategy, down to the letter. No changes at all. Thus, she has no strategy to defeat ISIS. She just wants you to think that we’ll get better results if she gives us more of it

Then again, that’s pretty much what Hillary offers in general. No changes from Obama’s policies, but better results because . . . actually, I’m not sure I know the answer to this part. Because she’s a woman? Because she’s been “in the arena”? Because her husband is Bill Clinton?

Hillary has never really offered much of a rationale for her presidency the entire time she’s been running, and I go all the way back to 2008 on that one. It’s never been much more than her being a woman, he supposedly being smart, her being familiar with things. That’s not much of a rationale, which I guess is why she’s now turned to an effort to try to savage Donald Trump. 

If this election is about Hillary’s pros and cons, Hillary loses. There aren’t many pros. So she has to make it about how awful Trump is. I don’t think that’s going to work. It didn’t work for any of his Republican rivals. And they didn’t have the uniquely difficult problem of being Hillary Clinton, who can’t tell the truth about herself, or about much of anything else, and still have a chance to win.

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