How Democrats are trying to steal Tom Price's seat in Congress

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Published by: Herman Cain on Saturday April 15th, 2017

Could they pull it off?

It's not the Russians. It's the Democrats.

Since the Democrats can't raise enough money to steal, by outspending, all 435 congressional seats in the 2018 midterm elections, they decided to pool their money to try to steal the 6th Congressional District in Georgia in a special election.

The special election is on Tuesday, and it’s being held to fill the seat vacated by now-Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. It's a crowded 18-person field of candidates with 15 Republicans and three Democrats. 

The 30-year-old Democrat, Jon Ossoff, is leading all candidates with 42 percent in a poll by Fox 5 News Atlanta. Karen Handle leads all 15 Republicans with 21 percent of those surveyed.

A typical congressional race in Georgia would cost about $2 million during a normal cycle. Jon Ossoff has more than $8 million supporting his campaign, most of it consisting of outside-Georgia money – including a fair amount coming out of Washington, D.C.

The most likely outcome is a runoff on June 20 between Ossoff and the top Republican finisher. That could any of the top four Republican candidates with such a crowded field.

The Democrats were hoping that Ossoff would win with 50 percent plus 1 to avoid a run off in a district that has been Republican for decades. That's not likely, which suggests a Republican victory once the Republican field is down to one candidate.

The current status of this race shows that the voters in the 6th Congressional District of Georgia are not stupid. Some of them are stupid enough to vote for a 30-year-old deceptive Democrat, but most voters are not. Thankfully!

Although this race is not over yet, it does show just how close you can come to stealing an election if you have enough money. The Democrats may come up a little short on the money, but it appears they are way short on a compelling and credible candidate. 

Most importantly, the Democrats are underestimating the intelligence of the voters in that district, just as they did during the recent 2016 presidential race. Stupid and uninformed voters may vote in a telephone poll based on media-inspired perceptions, but getting them to the voting booth will be another matter.

We will wait and see. 

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